Production of the LADA Granta Classic 2022 has recently started in the gas station country, a car that some call “anti-crisis”, but it would be more correct to call it “anti-sanction”. After all, this is an attempt to circumvent the restrictions that were imposed on Russian producers due to unjustified aggression by their country.

It took AvtoVAZ several weeks to understand the full depth of the abyss and find a way out of the situation. The way out of the situation turned out to be ingeniously simple: abandoning all complex systems that affect the safety of the car and are subject to sanctions. First of all, we are talking about Airbag cushions and ABS, that is, one of the most important and complex safety features of any modern car. Although who are we to doubt the right choice of LADA? It is well known that the life/legs/arms of a Russian man cost only 10 thousand rubles. Airbags and ABS are clearly more expensive.

In addition, it is likely that the environmental class of the engine will be reduced from Euro-5 to Euro-2: again, due to the inability to obtain modern electronics and microchips for control units. In fact, it is also logical – the space is large, you can safely create more smoke in the taiga. But how cool will the car accelerate without all these “eco” limitations! Especially since security has been simplified, but the Drive Active sports package has remained. Probably for those who are in a hurry for Kobzon’s concert.

In addition, the car includes a power steering, electric windows, preparation for the audio system, on-board computer (how can you do without a display!), central locking, heated mirrors, and more. Frankly, the equipment is based on the principle of “no worse than a neighbor” or “add me buttons in the salon so as not to be ashamed.” Buttons added. But they forgot about security.

It should be noted that similar simplifications are expected in other LADA models…

“Antisanction” LADA Granta: when a good show is more important than real safety

Semi-sarcastic images of a possible “update” of LADA Vesta have already appeared: black bumpers, simple steel wheels, round headlights in the style of “legendary six”. A simplified version of the LADA 4×4 Niva is also expected: yes, that’s the classic Niva, which has been produced for 45 years. Although for Niva it is quite logical – a return to the carburetor and the complete absence of any modern equipment in the interior. By the way, free advice: as part of the import substitution program, we recommend adding a “flower” on the ICPS lever and earplugs to the basic equipment, so as not to hear the traditional howl of the transfer case and all-wheel drive shafts.

Of course, looking at the already serial version of the LADA Granta, it becomes clear that even AvtoVAZ will not be able to go down lower than this level. Although… Time will tell…