The rocket, which crashed into the moon on March 4, left a double crater on its surface. What kind of rocket it is still remains a mystery, but NASA managed to take a picture of where it fell.

As the space agency explains, the mass of a spent rocket is usually concentrated on one end. To form a double crater, as in the photo, the mass must be on both. In this case, the eastern crater has a diameter of 18 meters, and the western – 16.

No other rocket landing on the moon has ever created a double crater. The good news is that the unusual outcome of the current crash may eventually help determine which rocket caused it.

We will remind, in January of this year amateur astronomers stated that the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket, launched in 2015, will collide with the Moon on March 4. It later became known that it was most likely a Chinese rocket launched in 2014.

This lunar mission sent a small spacecraft to Earth’s satellite as a preliminary test for a possible lunar return. The launch time and trajectory almost exactly coincide with the orbit of the object that fell on the moon in March.