Yesterday’s and today’s massive rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities once again raised the issue of air defense and modern fighters for the Armed Forces. Now this topic is starting to be hotly debated in Washington on at various levels, increasing pressure on the government.

For example, CNN filmed an interview with two Ukrainian aces who talk about how American fighters will help Ukrainians. Thanks to our warriors for the pseudonym Moonfish and Juice. Special thanks to actor Sean Penn, who is promoting this topic in the United States, not for the first time.

This CNN article is entirely dedicated to the so-called Ukraine Fighter Pilots Act, the legislative initiative of Republican politician Adam Kinzinger and Democrat Chrissy Houlahan to start training Ukrainian military pilots in the United States. Both Kinzinger and Houlahan served in the U.S. Air Force before their political careers. Kinzinger piloted air tankers and reconnaissance aircraft during the operation in Iraq, has the rank of lieutenant colonel, and continues to serve in the US Air Force.

And it would be interesting to see how long the vaunted Soviet Russian “wunderwaffles” will resist the American fighters of the previous generation.