Modern smartphones are mostly almost identical. Almost all the flagships are very reticent about any non-standard solutions in appearance. Most often, they can be distinguished only by individual details such as camera units, placement of controls, cutouts of front cameras, and so on.

The new startup of Carl Pei, the former co-founder of OnePlus, has taken a slightly different path. Last year, the company introduced TWS headphones ear (1) with a partially transparent body, which electronics fans liked.

This year, the company plans to release its first smartphone phone (1). Part of it has already been shown in the photo, but they still did not convey the basic idea. Without waiting for the release, the company provided a smartphone to blogger Marquez Brownlee (MKBHD), who showed in more detail what exactly is the “feature” of this smartphone.

In addition to the transparent part of the body, there are 900 LEDs under the glass, which form several areas of illumination. They are called Glyph Interface. In this way, the smartphone can signal calls or messages in different ways (synchronizing the backlight with different ringtones), show the battery status while charging, separately illuminate the induction charging zone when it is running, and more.

It can also be used as an additional backlight for photos and videos in the dark. However, there is a separate red indicator that signals about a video recording.

In everything else, the design of Nothing phone (1) resembles the iPhone 12, which has almost the same body shape, location and number of cameras. But it will be easier to judge after the presentation of the device, which is scheduled for July 12.

And yet, the solution with a backlight on the body already looks interesting and original.