Microsoft officially shut down on June 15 Internet Explorer browser, which is long out of date and has been replaced by Microsoft Edge as standard for Windows. However, as it turned out, not all countries were ready to say goodbye to IE. As News agency NIKKEI Asia reports, Japan is experiencing panic over the shutdown of an outdated browser, as many private companies and authorities have delayed to the last to update their websites.

Tokyo-based software developer Laptop Engineering & Consulting was inundated with requests for help. Its customers are mainly governments, monetary institutions and manufacturing and logistics corporations, which rely on websites that can only work normally in Internet Explorer. Many customers of Laptop Engineering & Consulting are urgently moving to Google Chrome.

A March poll conducted by Keyman’s Internet, a provider of useful informational know-how, found that many organizations in Japan relied solely on Internet Explorer: 49 percent said they used a browser to work.

Respondents reported that Internet Explorer was used to administer employee attendance, billing, and various internal tools. In some cases, companies don’t even have an alternative to Internet Explorer for sites used to process orders. More than 20% of these respondents did not know or did not find the best way to switch to other browsers after shutting down Internet Explorer.