You will not believe it, but Germany has again found an excuse not to provide Ukraine with heavy weapons, which it offered itself. This time, Germany will NOT provide Ukraine with four MARS-II MLRS which Chancellor Olaf Scholz promised just a week ago.

According, this time the reason is that the software of MARS-II systems does not seem to be able to use high-precision missiles. And it will take as many as “months” to correct this defect. In addition, it turned out that despite the stated 40 units of Mars II in the Bundeswehr, only half of these MLRS are in combat readiness. Therefore, the transfer of even 4 systems, allegedly, will significantly affect the defense capabilities of Germany. Immediately the question arises if there is an army in Germany in fact or only “on paper”.

Frankly speaking, we are not surprised by another refusal, because despite all the promises from the beginning of a full-scale invasion, Germany has supplied Ukraine with 0 (zero) samples of heavy weapons. It seems that this is starting to irritate even the German press.

Germany will NOT provide 4 MARS-II MLRS to Ukraine

It’s interesting that the reporters of Defense Express pointed out that the incompatibility of Mars II with high-precision missiles seems to be a lie. According to experts of the publication, the work on the integration of GMLRS missiles with the Mars II complex under the contract of 2012 with the French company Sagem is documentary-proved. The integration of the Sagem Sigma 30 system has been reported. In addition, Bundeswehr’s website explicitly states that Mars II can use guided munitions. Journalists even found a photo of Mars II releasing… high-precision missile… The slide Directed by Robert B. Weide is requested here.

We shall remind you that MLRS MARS-II is a licensed version of the US system M270 MLRS with some upgrades.