Unfortunately, despite the diplomatic conflict between Israel and Russia, official Jerusalem has refused a US request to hand over German anti-tank guided missile Spike, which are produced under an Israeli license. It is reported by Militarny with reference to Axios.

According to available information, US Deputy Secretary of Defense Colin Kahl had a meeting with the Director-General of the Israeli Defense Ministry Amir Eshel, during which he asked whether Israel would allow Ukraine to hand over Spike anti-aircraft missiles from Germany.

Axios writes that Mr. Eshel rejected the request, saying that Israel would supply only non-lethal military equipment to Ukraine. The official said that Israel was concerned that the Russian military could be killed with Israeli weapons, which in turn could lead to Russia harming Israel’s security interests in Syria, where it has influence. As if Russia cannot incite its henchmen to Israel without any reason, just because it has such a possibility.

Israel has not given permission for the transfer of Spike to Ukraine

Axios notes that the issue of arms supplies is one of the important political differences between the United States and Israel when it comes to Russia’s war against Ukraine.

As we have already written before, Israeli anti-tank guided missile Spike is one of the best anti-tank weapons in the world. The latest versions of Spike-ER II and Spike-NLOS can hit targets even within a radius of direct fire, at a distance of 10-25 km. This is a real game-changer, ATGM with artillery range and accuracy of attacking UAVs. Unfortunately, the Armed Forces of Ukraine does not seem to receive it.

Thanks, Israel, we will not forget that.

Israel has not given permission for the transfer of Spike to Ukraine

Technical specifications of ATGM Spike
Mass Spike-ER for a helicopter – 187 kg (launcher + 4 missiles)
Spike-MR/LR – 26.8 kg (launcher, tripod, missile, battery, thermal sight)
Spike-SR: – 9.6 kg (missile in a tube)
Spike-MR/LR – 1200 mm
Spike-ER – 1670 mm
Spike-MR/LR – 130 mm
Spike-ER – 170 mm
Readiness for launch – 30 seconds
Reloading – 15 seconds
Effective firing range:
Spike-SR – up to 1.5 km
Spike-MR – up to 2.5 km
Spike-LR – up to 4 km
Spike-LR II – up to 5.5 km
Spike-ER – up to 8 km
Spike-ER II – up to 10 km
Spike-NLOS – 25 km
Sights – 10x optical sight
Warhead – tandem-cumulative
Detonation – piezoelectric trigger
Engine – solid-propellant rocket
Guidance – infrared homing, electro-optical or dual