The company from Cupertino are usually late for the party of foldable smartphones. For example, Samsung will release fourth versions of Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip in the summer, while Apple has nothing to offer in contrast. But this does not mean that the company is not developing such a gadget.

According to the insider Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple has closed tests of foldable smartphones. And there is a version that the company has chosen a color E Ink display for the test model. This screen is used on the outside.

It should be noted that competitors prefer OLED panels. These have better color reproduction and a much higher refresh rate. But using E Ink will greatly improve the battery life of the smartphone, as these displays require much less power.

But predictions about the release date are very disappointing. Ming-Chi Kuo has already suggested that Apple’s foldable gadgets will not appear until 2025. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg also recalled a prototype of a similar device, but with a much larger 20-inch folding display, the potential appearance of which is scheduled for 2026.

Jon Porter of TheVerge also noted that although Apple is significantly delaying the release of folding smartphones, it still has a good trump card up its sleeve – iPadOS. While such gadgets with the Android operating system face all sorts of problems with adapting applications to large screens, Apple with the support of developers will be much better. Although it is worth noting that during this time, with the support of Android software, everything will change for the better, because foldable smartphones continue to increase their circle of connoisseurs.