Although foldable smartphones are not yet as common as regular flagships, they are one of the most technological devices on the market, as they require unusual engineering solutions. Gradually, the demand for such gadgets is growing, so manufacturers continue to work on this category of smartphones. The most successful among them are Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip.

Ahead of the official announcement, insiders are already beginning to receive information about them. And, of course, do not keep it a secret.

Known as OnLeaks, Steve Hemmerstoffer demonstrated what will Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 look like.

It is difficult to see significant changes in the renderings. The only thing that catches your eye is the cameras, which in the new Fold look the same as the current flagship of the company – S22 Ultra. Of course, except for their number. That is, now the camera unit will not be “wrapped” with a continuous protrusion from the body, and each of the lenses will rise separately above the entire panel. It looks minimalist, but, in my opinion, quite stylish.

A more important change is in the size of the body. The dimensions of the deployed Fold3 are 158.2×128.1×6.4 mm, and the Fold4 will have 155×130×7.1 mm. That is, it will be shorter, but wider. This should affect the aspect ratio of both displays accordingly, as it is claimed that their diagonals will not change – 6.2 and 7.6 inches. This will not interfere with the external display. For example: in Oppo Find N the display is shorter but wider. And it was more convenient to use (especially for the keyboard). Very interesting to know how it will be with the new Fold.

Steve also has an image of the next Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. The fourth model does not seem to be significantly different. The appearance of the Z Flip4 is similar to its predecessor, with minimal changes in size (165.1×71.9×7.2 vs. 166×72.2×6.9 in the current model), so major updates should be expected inside the device.

The official announcements of the latest Samsung folding smartphones took place in August 2021. Most likely, the successors will be presented somewhere in the same period of time, so we are still waiting for additional details from insiders.