Back in 2014, there were mentions of the “Project Titan”, which the company never openly announced. But the number of engineers and carmakers hired by the company indicated that Apple was developing its own electric car.

There has been less and less news about Apple’s potential car lately. And the success of Tesla, Rivian, Ford, and other players in the electric car market completely overshadowed the secret “Titan”. But Mark Gurman of Bloomberg drew attention to the fact that the company continues to rotate industry staff. This suggests that the project has not been closed, although there are difficulties in its development.

For example, Doug Field, who previously worked for Apple, returned to the company in 2018, resigning from Tesla. He later moved to Ford. And this was the fourth project manager to leave.

Recently due to the need to return to office work Ian Goodfellow, who was head of the machine learning department and individual teams working on the automotive project, resigned. Many other employees also left the company, including the head of hardware and senior engineers.

Currently, the head of car development at Apple is Kevin Lynch, who also, for example, was managing the work on the Apple Watch. There were many rotations during his presidency. And in recent months, the team has managed to attract staff from Tesla, Rivian, Argo AI, Alphabet, Waymo, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo.

Last week, Apple also hired Desi Ujkashevic, who had previously spent 31 years at Ford. Currently, this is one of the loudest indicators that despite all the failures, the company continues to develop the project.

According to insider information, one of the company’s plans was to demonstrate the product in 2025. Due to staffing problems, such a deadline could change more than once. But the staff reshuffle and the involvement of automotive experts in the team clearly confirm that Apple does not abandon the idea of ​​its own car.