Last night, US President Joe Biden signed the long-awaited Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022. The president deliberately waited until May 9 to annoy Russia’s elite and draw a kind of parallel between World War II and Russia-Ukrainian war of 2022.

he first to report this was White House Press Assistant Angela Perez. Then White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed this at a briefing: “Today, the President signed the Lend-Lease Act into law, which adds to our suite of tools as we provide Ukraine with the weapons and equipment they need.”

The US House of Representatives approved a bill on a land lease that will allow more efficient shipments of weapons, ammunition and equipment to Ukraine last week.

US President Joe Biden has signed a law on lend-lease for Ukraine. What will it give us?

What will the new law give Ukraine? Not only fast and full access to the latest Western weapons. Also, as in the days of World War II, we are talking about raw materials and, relatively speaking, dual-use cargo. Ammunition, gunpowder, fuel, computers, electronics, communications, even food. And also satellite images, reconnaissance, consultations of military and technical experts, instructors, and much more.

But a lease means the war will not end any time soon. It’s a long game and it’s about months and years. Deployment of military and logistics centers. Increasing the production of necessary weapons, such as FGM-148 Javelin. Removal of weapons from storage, their repair and preparation for dispatch, training of instructors from the Armed Forces, delivery of weapons to Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden has signed a law on lend-lease for Ukraine. What will it give us?

On the other hand, signing a lease agreement means that Ukraine will not be abandoned. The United States and its partners have chosen a side and will do whatever it takes for the victory of Ukraine. No, they will not fight on our territory (most likely), but we will receive all the necessary help. Ukraine is now the most important strategic point on the map for the United States, so Ukraine will get everything it needs to win, because our defeat will be the defeat of the entire civilized world.

As for Russia, it seems that the West has realized its mistakes, and now we are talking about the final disarmament of Russia. The country will be driven into the Stone Age, and then nuclear weapons will be exchanged for the next “Biden’s legs”. And this is good.

Thank you, USA! Thank you, Mr. Biden.