It seems that Zmiinyi Island is still a kind of Bermuda Triangle of the Black Sea. Following a pair of high-speed Russian patrol boats of project 03160 Raptor and air cavity system landing craft of the project 11770 Serna, two more Raptors went to hell. And again the UAV Bayraktar TB2 did it.

Video of another successful application of Bayraktar TB2 published by Facebook channel Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Although at first glance the destruction of the Raptor boats looks like the previous one, video analysis proves that these are other combat episodes. Boats have different positions and different speeds at the time of impact. That is, we add two more Raptors to the list of losses of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation.

Both boats were destroyed by high-precision Turkish MAM-L bombs. By the way, one Raptor costs about $2.1 million. Not bad.

But this is not all the adventures of ruscists on Zmiinyi Island. On May 7, a video appeared of two Ukrainian Air Force Su-27s bombing Russian positions on the island. The moment of impact was filmed Bayraktar TB2, which was at a great distance. The bombs found targets, it looks like in the last seconds of the video the ammunition depot exploded.

Probably this happened after the destruction of the Serna boat, as well as two Thor anti-aircraft missile systems.

And that’s not all again. In addition, Bayraktar TB2 also destroyed a Russian helicopter with a landing party that landed on Zmiinyi. As it turned out, the deputy commander of the regiment for patriotic and educational work, i.e. the commissar, was on board this helicopter together with ordinary paratroopers.

It seems that the Russians are coming/ flying to Zmiinyi to die. Reminiscent of an old anecdote about a perverted hunter and a bear.

But the more equipment and manpower of the ruscists destroyed, the better. Thank you, the Armed Forces of Ukraine!