The Operational Command South of the Armed Forces published a video of the destruction of the next ship of the fleet of Russian aggressors near Zmiinyi island. This time, the Ukrainian UAV Bayraktar TB2 damaged the high-speed landing craft of the project 11770 Serna with the Thor SPR on board. Let’s look.

Landing boats of the Project 11770 Serna is a series of Russian high-speed air cavity system landing craft from the Russian Federation since 1994. Total 16 such boats have been built, at least one already destroyed.

The Serna Class Boat has a fuel distance of 1 day at a distance of up to 1111 km at a maximum speed of 55 km/h (this is a lot for a landing boat). The boat has 5 crew people and can carry one main combat tank or two BMP/APC or 92 persons or up to 45 tons of cargo. The boat does not have its own weapons.

Russian ships keep being destroyed near Zmiinyi island. This time it’s the landing boat of the Serna Project

Zmiinyi Island becomes a real “Bermuda triangle” for the Russian fleet. Initially, near the island Moskva missile cruiser was sent in a known direction, then a couple of patrol boats of Raptor class, then something strange happened with the Admiral Makarov frigate (there is no confirmation it sank yet, we are waiting) and here is a boat of the Serna class. Russians, “Welcome to hell!”.