German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) announced on Friday during a visit to Slovakia that the Bundeswehr will hand over to Ukraine seven 155-mm self-propelled howitzers Panzerhaubitze 2000, writes Welt. They should be made available to the Armed Forces of Ukraine after the current repairs, which will begin next week. In addition, Germany will provide ammunition and teach the Ukrainian military to use the 2000 Panzerhaubitze.

Germany’s policy on providing Ukraine with heavy weapons changed at the end of March, when the Bundestag supported the document Protecting Peace and Freedom in Europe – Comprehensive Support for Ukraine. Thus, German deputies called on the federal government to speed up the supply of necessary equipment to Ukraine, as well as to expand the supply of heavy weapons.
Christine Lambrecht also promised to speed up the supply of 50 Gepard anti-aircraft self-propelled units from KMW’s stocks, which will be transferred to Ukraine as it was announced earlier.

Panzerhaubitze 2000 (PzH 2000) is a 155-mm self-propelled howitzer developed by the German concern Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and adopted by the Bundeswehr in the autumn of 1998. Its effective range is 30-36 km with a standard missile.

Panzerhaubitze 2000 fits well for the modern concept of war and artillery combat. It allows you to hit the target from a great distance in a single salvo and quickly leave the position. An automated fire control system helps to cover the target without firing shots, which directs the entire battery at once. PzH 2000 is capable of firing three missiles in 9 seconds or 10 in 56 seconds. Then the rate is from 10 to 13 shots per minute, depending on the heating of the barrel.