Ukrainian stamps are cool, and our stamp “Russian warship, go …!” will undoubtedly enter the monographs on philately, but Ukrainian coins are a marvel, especially thematic sets with a color tampo printing. But sorry, we got distracted.

The fact is that the National Bank of Ukraine, as Ukrposhta did before, held a competition to create a coin, and recently summed up the results of voting for sketches to create numismatic products dedicated to Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression. Among the winners’ coins are coins with the Ghost of Kyiv, coins with the Zmiinyi Island, and coins dedicated to the unification of the Armed Forces and the entire Ukrainian people.

After reviewing all the sketches submitted to the competition and taking into account the results of the referendum, the National Bank begins work on creating the first coin in the series, which will tell about the nationwide heroic resistance of Ukrainians to the Russian invader.

The National Bank will issue a coin dedicated to Ukraine’s fighting against Russian aggression

It is planned that one side of this coin will be reproduced based on the sketch “Unity – Power” by Alina Maliuta, which was included in the top five sketches by open voting, and another one based on the sketch “Assistance of Partner Countries” by Serhii Topkin, who also participated in the competition.

The National Bank will issue a coin dedicated to Ukraine’s fighting against Russian aggression

Other sketches and creative works of the National Bank will also be embodied in numismatic products of Ukraine (commemorative coins, medals, souvenir banknotes, etc.), which will be announced in addition.

This time I offer everyone who wants to buy a commemorative coin to follow the announcements of the National Bank and get in line in advance.

Yes, and we advise you to look at other Ukrainian coins, there are real masterpieces. For example, a series of square coins (as it happens) is dedicated to hetman’s kleinods, or a series of again square coins with colored illustrations by Anatolii Bazylevych to Ivan Kotliarevsky’s Eneida . A real miracle!