Britain will send hundreds of Brimstone missiles to Ukraine, reportedly to be used to strengthen naval defenses after the sinking of the Russian Moskva missile cruiser. Armed Forces Secretary James Heappey said the supersonic missiles would arrive in “the next few weeks.”

Brimstone can be launched from the ground or from the air. In the media, the missile is often called anti-ship, but this is not true, because they are used by the Air Force of Great Britain, Saudi Arabia, and Germany only from jets and helicopters. It is still unknown in what version Brimstone will be used in Ukraine and for what purposes.

Brimstone 2 has a maximum range of 40-60 km, diameter 180 mm and is equipped with a warhead weighing 6.3 kg, which explodes in stages. It can switch between laser guidance and autonomous guidance, as well as launch from jets, including Tornado GR4, Typhoon F2 and Reaper.

During his visit to Kyiv this month, Boris Johnson said Britain would send missiles. Last week, he suggested that Brimstones could be mounted on the back of vehicles to hit targets in the Black Sea.

In addition, according to the Ukrainian think tank Center for Defense Strategies, Russia is deploying Mangust-class patrol boats to carry out sabotage missions up the Dnipro River. For Brimstone, such boats would be the most obvious target.