The Flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation Moskva missile cruiser was shot by the Navy of Ukraine, according to the Head of Odesa Civil-Military Administration Maksym Marchenko.

“Neptune missiles protecting the Black Sea seriously damaged the Russian ship,” wrote Marchenko.

Later there was information that approximately after midnight on April 14 missile cruiser sent SOS signal. According to sources of Rob Lee, military expert Moskva sank, after the hit the ship turned over to the side.

According to various sources, the Navy of Ukraine used Bayraktar TB-2 UAV, according to some data, in order to divert attention from the Neptune attack. According to other sources, it was to aim the strike.

On board the Moskva missile cruiser there were 510 crew members, so far there is no proven information on how many managed to survive and if anyone survived because during an attack on a cruiser there was a storm.

The Russian side does not recognize an attack on their flagship, but it had to comment on the situation. Therefore, Russian state media began to report that Moskva had been damaged as a result of the detonation of munition, which was caused by the fire. Thus, they in fact confirmed the attack by Neptune, because the fire on the cruiser could not have started on its own.

Ironically, it was a Moskva missile cruiser which participated in the attack on Zmiinyi Island and was sent by the Ukrainian border guard in the famous direction. Recently Ukrposhta issued a stamp devoted to this event.

It is also important that in mid-March Turkey blocked Bosphorus and Dardanelles at the request of President Zelenesky. In accordance with Article 19 of the Montreux Convention in 1936, Turkey has the right to close access to these waterways for fighting countries.

After the prohibition, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey,
Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu was talking to the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and said that the country “told all coastal and non-coastal countries of the Black Sea so that they do not send their military ships to pass through our straits.” Therefore, the Russian fleet can not deliver other military ships to the Black Sea, which makes the remaining ships vulnerable to such attacks.

After all, in addition to artillery, torpedo-mine, and rocket weapons, Moskva cruiser was equipped with an anti-aircraft-missile complex 8 × 8 C-300F Fort, which allowed it to destroy air targets.