Of course, someone will say that the above name needs to be clarified – because there is already an electric Lexus UX 300e. However, the latter was only one of the modifications of the existing model, which was also offered with gasoline and hybrid engines. And here is the Lexus RZ 450e SUV, which we have already mentioned earlier, and is really the first electric car of the company: from the beginning of development – and to the final embodiment in a serial model.

By the way, most of our previous hints and assumptions turned out to be real. First, the Lexus RZ 450e is built on the e-TNGA platform: the new SUV is a close relative of the Toyota bZ4X, and the 2.85-meter wheelbase is identical. However, the electric Lexus RZ 450e SUV is much larger in length: at about 4.85 meters, this electric car is only slightly shorter than the well-known Lexus RX.

In addition to the common platform, it is also worth noting the use of two electric motors to implement DIRECT4 all-wheel drive. And here’s the “second”: the total power of a pair of engines is 230 kW or 313 hp, torque is 435 Nm – that is, the assumption of the power level was also real. The electric motors are powered by a 71.4 kWh battery, so the promised range is over 400 km according to the rules of the WLTP cycle.

However, the electric car Lexus RZ 450e has something to surprise. This is a steer-by-wire system One Motion Grip: that is, the steering wheel only gives control signals, and the rotation of the wheels are performed by separate modules. A similar pattern was found on other premium Japanese cars. The electric Lexus RZ 450e differs with the complete absence of a duplicate mechanical drive – well, it seems the developers believe in their brand reliability!

This steer-by-wire system promises impressive benefits: from the complete absence of vibration on a bad road – to the ability to adjust the sharpness of the steering wheel. For example, you can make a real steering yoke, because it will make only half a turn “back and forth” even when parking and when there’s need to completely turn the wheels. And this steering wheel is probably the most impressive element of the interior of the electric Lexus RZ 450e. Although there is also an option with a traditional steering wheel.

After all, the rest of the details are already known and expected. For example, the giant 14-inch display around which the front panel of the interior is built. Or e-Latch door unlock keys with “safeguards” against dangerous door openings and access to the road. That is, in general, the concept and design of the interior resemble a second-generation Lexus NX.

We hope that soon we will see new Lexus models – both conventional SUVs with internal combustion engines and EVs – on free Ukrainian roads!