After the missile cruiser Moskva was hit with two Neptun cruise missiles and sank, other Russian warships moved from the coast of Ukraine for a distance of 200 km. This was reported by Operational Command South.

“In the Black Sea operating zone, hostile ship group of rocket and landing ships withdrew almost 200 km from our shores. But the navigation is still blocked and the threat of rocket strikes is preserved,” states Operational Command South.

We remind that Moskva rocket cruiser was hit by Neptun coastal complex on the night of April 14, after this, a fire occurred on the ship and the ammunition detonated. The vessel lost stability, leaned on the left side, and subsequently sank.

The withdrawal of Russian warships from the coast of Ukraine indicates the fear of the Russian Navy Command for new losses. However, the distance of 200 km may not be enough, because the firing range of RK-360 MC “Neptune” is from 7 to 280 km.