According to Autocar, the successor to the Bentley Mulsanne will be an electric car. And it will not be a standard 4-door sedan (this was the case with the Bentley Mulsanne in 2010-2020), but something like a “big coupe” or “2-door sedan”. Take a look at the photos below – the classic Bentley Mulsanne sedan and the rendering of the new model in the “coupe” format.

In addition, with the change in body shape, the positioning of the model will change – even more luxury, even more expensive (is it really possible to make it more expensive?), and even more luxe! At the same time, the company doesn’t leave the segment of 4-door models. After all, Bentley also plans to launch another car into the production in the near future – and according to renders of the publication, it will be a mix of sedan, SUV and coupe.

The next Bentley Mulsanne is an EV

And it is also going to be an electric car. The company intends to present five new electric cars in five years. We have earlier written about the radical change in the model range and preparation of their production facilities. And now we understand the first electric cars, which should be expected from the British company.