Although Germany refused providing Armed Forces of Ukraine with Marder IFV, Australian armored vehicles Bushmaster PMV have already arrived in Ukraine, and soon we’ll receiveBMP-1 and Т-72 tanks. We will soon get even more armored vehicles. Great Britain is considering the transfer of Mastiff or Jackal armored vehicles to Ukraine. This is reported by The Times.

The publication reports that representatives of the British Army will be sent to a country neighboring Ukraine, apparently to Poland, for training. Britain will announce further support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which includes anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, in the coming days.

Mastiff PPV (Protected Patrol Vehicle) is a modification of Cougar MRAP, 6-wheel mine-resistant South African and infantry mobility vehicle, which the British army used in Afghanistan.

Mastiff or Jackal: UK plans to send armored vehicles to Ukraine

Cougar HE Specifications (6×6)
Mass – 17.2 t
Length – 7.08 m
Width – 2.74 m
Height – 2.64 m
Crew – 2+10
Armor – allround protected from .50 cal
Armament – optional remote weapon station
Engine – Caterpillar C-7
Engine power – 330 hp (243 kW)
Suspension – 6×6 wheeled
Ground clearance – 410 mm
Operational range – 966 km
Speed – 105 km/h

Jackal is more recent development, the machine came into service only in 2010. It is a small fast raid vehicle, which is used for reconnaissance and patrol tasks, fire support and rapid strikes.

Mastiff or Jackal: UK plans to send armored vehicles to Ukraine

Jackal Specifications
Mass – 6650 kg
Length – 5.39 m
Width – 2 m
Height – 1.97 m
Crew – 3
Armor –it’s possible to set up additional composite armour kit
Armament – 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, or
Heckler & Koch GMG, 7.62 mm general purpose machine gun
Engine – Cummins IBe Euro3 5.9 l
Engine power – 185 hp (138 kW)
Maximum speed – 130 km/h