Unlike forgetful Germany , little Estonia remembers very well What Russian invasion is and how exactly the rascists behave in the occupied territories. Therefore, Estonia does not hesitate to send additional weapons to Ukraine.

The other day Estonia sent to Ukraine regular anti-tank missiles, D-30 howitzers, anti-tank mines, recoilless anti-tank guns, automatic weapons, ammunition, disposable grenade launchers, hand grenades worth more than 220 million euros! For a really small Estonia with a population of only 1.3 million, this is a really significant amount. Thank you, Estonia!

Estonia has sent D-30 howitzers and many other weapons to Ukraine

In addition, Estonian private companies, in cooperation with government agencies and the Estonian Defense Forces, provided Ukraine with helmets, ballistic vests, communications equipment, drones, night vision devices, laser rangefinders, medical equipment and chemical protective clothing.

As for the D-30 howitzers included in this delivery, these are the same howitzers that were blocked by Germany until February 24, 2022. Estonia bought these 42 howitzers in 2009 in Finland, which had previously bought them in Germany. Finally, the German government gave its permission, almost a month and a half later.

Estonia has sent D-30 howitzers and many other weapons to Ukraine

The 122-mm D-30 trailer howitzer was created in the late 1950s in the USSR and is still in service in Ukraine, Russia, China and 60 other countries. It can use active-jet projectiles.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will need these additional guns, because the main losses to the troops of the Russian invaders are inflicted by our artillery, which is successfully corrected with UAVs. So thank you again, Estonia!

Estonia has sent D-30 howitzers and many other weapons to Ukraine

Mass – 3210 kg
Length – 5.4 m
Width – 1.9 m
Height – 1,6 m
Barrel – 38 calibres
Crew – 1 + 7 people
Caliber – 122 mm
Recoil- hydro-pneumatic
The carriage is a tripod
Elevation angle – -7 °… 70 °
Angle of rotation – 360 °
Combat rate of fire – 5-6 shots per minute
Maximum rate of fire – 10-12 shots per minute
Effective firing range – 15.4 km – 21.9 km (active-jet projectile)