Ukrainian Dmytro Herasymenko’s Yep search engine launched YepTLDR – an AI-based information summarization tool, search engine, created by Dmytro Herasymenko‘s Ahrefs SEO company, launched YepTLDR, a free tool for summarizing information using artificial intelligence, available to users in 195 countries. YepTLDR provides concise answers to search queries in English based on the content of the top search results and links to sources of ... Read more

Dmytro Herasymenko’s Ahrefs to invest $60 mln in their own search engine, promising to give 90% of advertising profit to content creators

Singapore company Ahrefs, founded by Ukrainian Dmytro Herasymenko and famous for its platform of search engine optimization, is going to invest $60 million in its own search engine Yep. This was reported by TechCrunch. The main difference of the new search engine should be the distribution of profits from advertising ... Read more