Storm Shadow

Ukrainian Air Force hits Russian ship and submarine in Sevastopol harbor

Last night, the Ukrainian Air Force struck the Ordzhonikidze shipyard in Sevastopol. During the attack, which most likely involved SCALP-EG / Storm Shadow missiles, two Russian warships undergoing repairs were damaged. The attack was reported on the official Telegram channel of Lieutenant General Mykola Oleshchuk, Commander of the Air Force ... Read more

Great Britain supplied Ukraine with Storm Shadow / SCALP-EG cruise missiles with a range of 250-560 km [UPDATE]

Great Britain supplied Ukraine with Storm Shadow / SCALP-EG cruise missiles, which will give the Armed Forces of Ukraine the opportunity to deliver powerful strikes at a long range. This was reported by CNN, citing several high-ranking Western officials. “Great Britain has previously stated that it will supply long-range weapons ... Read more

SCALP-EG / Storm Shadow – a British cruise missile for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

During President Zelenskyy’s visit to Great Britain, not only training of Ukrainian pilots (it seems to have already been confirmed that it will be the Eurofighter Typhoon), but also possible deliveries of long-range missiles to Ukraine were discussed. The Times believes these will be Storm Shadow cruise missiles from Matra ... Read more