Stable Diffusion

Stability AI has introduced the Stable Cascade image generation model. What makes it special?

Stability AI has introduced a new model for image generation. It is called Stable Cascade and should be faster and more powerful than Stable Diffusion, writes The Verge. Stable Cascade is capable of creating images and offering various variations of them. It can also finish drawing pictures and generate images ... Read more

Stability AI introduces Stable Video Diffusion model for generating short videos

Stability AI has officially introduced Stable Video Diffusion, a generative model for creating short videos. It is based on the Stable Diffusion model for creating images using text prompts. This is stated in a message on the company’s website. Stable Video Diffusion is available only in the trial version and ... Read more

Stable Diffusion was used to create images based on people’s brain activity

What if artificial intelligence could interpret your imagination, turning images into reality? Although it sounds like the plot of a cyberpunk novel, researchers discovered that they can reconstruct high-resolution images based on brain activity using the popular Stable Diffusion imaging model. The authors write that unlike previous studies, they did ... Read more

Getty Images is suing Stable Diffusion for copyright infringement

Getty Images has filed a lawsuit in the US against Stability AI, the creators of the open source AI image generator Stable Diffusion. The stock photo company accuses Stability AI of “brazen infringement of Getty Images’ intellectual property on a staggering scale.” It claims that Stability AI copied more than ... Read more

A group of artists and lawyers filed a lawsuit against Stable Diffusion and DeviantArt

Matthew Butterick is a writer, designer, programmer, and lawyer. Last November, Matthew and a group of lawyers filed a lawsuit against GitHub Copilot for its “unprecedented piracy of open source software.” The lawsuit is still ongoing. This time he was interested in neural networks for image generation. Artists around the ... Read more

The Stable Diffusion Version 2 update stopped the creation of porn and the generation of images in the style of specific artists

Users of AI image generator Stable Diffusion are unhappy with a major update to Version 2, which eliminated its ability to generate pornographic images as well as images in the style of specific artists. Stable Diffusion’s developer, Stability AI, reworked key components of the AI ​​model in the update and ... Read more