Stability AI has introduced a new model for image generation. It is called Stable Cascade and should be faster and more powerful than Stable Diffusion, writes The Verge.

Stable Cascade is capable of creating images and offering various variations of them. It can also finish drawing pictures and generate images from sketches.

Stability AI Stable Cascade

One of the features of Stable Cascade is that it is actually three different machine learning models that rely on the Würstchen architecture. This approach should ensure faster performance and higher quality results.

According to Stability AI, the Stable Cascade model takes only 10 seconds to generate an image, compared to 22 seconds for the previous model.

Stability AI Stable Cascade

In November, Stability AI officially presented a generative model for creating short videos called Stable Video Diffusion. It is based on the Stable Diffusion model for creating images using text prompts.