Pornhub sues state of Texas for requiring age verification of users

Pornhub, along with the adult industry advocacy group Free Speech Coalition and several other website operators and porn industry representatives, are suing the state of Texas to block the state’s law requiring age verification for viewing adult content. This is reported by Vice. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. ... Read more

Google has been accused of stealing everything posted on the Internet

A new class-action lawsuit filed against Google alleges the company is “secretly stealing everything ever created and shared on the internet by hundreds of millions of Americans” to train its generative AI products, such as the chatbot Google Bard. This is reported by Insider. In a class-action lawsuit filed by ... Read more

In France, the police want to be allowed to remotely activate the cameras and microphones of the phones of alleged criminals

French law enforcement could soon be given broad powers to track down suspected criminals. This was reported by Engadget. Lawmakers in France’s National Assembly have passed a bill that allows police to track suspects by remotely activating cameras, microphones and GPS-location systems on phones and other devices. A judge would ... Read more

EU Chips Act – 43 billion euros for the development of the semiconductor industry in Europe

The European Union, following the example of the United States, will implement a 43 billion euros ($47 billion) financial support plan that will encourage the development of the semiconductor industry in Europe and reduce the dependence of European manufacturers on China and the United States. This is reported by Reuters. ... Read more

In California, they plan to ban the sale of cars with internal combustion engines

It so happened that the state of California sets the trends in some legislative initiatives for many other administrative and territorial units of America. This time, state regulators are planning what the governor has called the beginning of the end for the internal combustion engine. The regulator plans to ban ... Read more

Inventors should be people: AI will not be able to obtain patents for its developments

The American scientist Steven Thaler suffered another setback in the fight for the rights of artificial intelligence. US Supreme Patent Court recognized that only humans can be inventors and refused to protect AI copyrights with a patent. A reminder, Thaler tried to obtain a patent for the work of art, ... Read more