The Armed Forces of Ukraine may already be using JDAM high-precision guided bombs

The publication The Drive / The War Zone writes about the possible use of high-precision JDAM guided bombs by the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine citing the American military. At the same time, we are talking about JDAM-ER kits, that is, with an increased range of up ... Read more

JDAM – high-precision guided bombs for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

As the most observant readers have probably already noticed, in a recent package of military aid from the USA, except for the long-awaited air defense systems MIM-104 Patriot, there was an item about an unspecified number of JDAM precision air bombs. What is that JDAM and how will it help ... Read more

New Year’s gifts from the Pentagon: a battery of Patriot air defense systems, 120 HMMWVs, 37 Cougar MRAPs, missiles for HIMARS, shells for howitzers and more

As expected, during the visit of President Zelensky to the USA, the Pentagon announced the composition of the next military aid package for Ukraine. Finally air defense systems MIM-104 Patriot and many other useful things worth $1.85 billion. Conditionally, the aid package is divided into two parts. $1 billion was ... Read more