The publication The Drive / The War Zone writes about the possible use of high-precision JDAM guided bombs by the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine citing the American military. At the same time, we are talking about JDAM-ER kits, that is, with an increased range of up to 80 km.

According to experts interviewed by The Drive, it is still a small number of JDAM-ERs, but such bombs can create real problems for the russians due to their high accuracy, long range, and the impossibility of interception.

“Recently, we’ve just gotten some precision munitions [to Ukraine] that had some extended range and go a little bit further than the gravity drop bomb and has precision [guidance]. That’s a recent capability that we were able to give them probably in the last three weeks,” said the commander of the US Air Force in Europe and Africa, General James Hecker.

General Hecker emphasized that it is about JDAM-ER. Currently, it is not known exactly how many such bombs the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has and which aircraft they can be used with.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine may already be using JDAM high-precision guided bombs

According to unconfirmed information, the video below shows examples of recent front-line use of JDAM-ER.

And another explosion that JDAM may be responsible for.

We will remind, it became known about the transfer of high-precision JDAM aerial bombs to Ukraine at the end of December. We have a separate post that explains how this weapon works.