The US is considering treatment of a deadly disease using CRISPR gene editing technology

The United States is considering a new therapy that could potentially cure people of sickle cell disease. This is a painful and fatal disease that has no universal successful treatment, reports Slashdot. We are talking about the exa-cel method, developed by the Boston-based Vertex Pharmaceuticals and the Swiss CRISPR Therapeutics. ... Read more

Ukraine receives AI scanner to help diagnose cancer

This fall, Ukraine has received unique artificial intelligence (AI) equipment that will help diagnose cancer, the International Foundation for Medical Innovation ( reports. This is a technique for scanning and processing histological specimens with integrated artificial intelligence KFBIO AI. It is based on a deep neural network (DCNN) that can ... Read more

A patient with Parkinson’s disease regained his walk thanks to the ARC-IM spinal implant

A patient with Parkinson’s disease was able to walk again without impairment thanks to a spinal implant. It restores normal signal transmission between the spinal cord and leg muscles, reports TechCrunch. The study was conducted by a Swiss team led by Onward. It was founded at the Federal Polytechnic School ... Read more

ApeFest attendees report eye burns after NFT event in Hong Kong

At least 15 attendees of this year’s ApeFest event, which Yuga Labs is dedicating to the famous NFT collection Bored Ape Yacht Club, reported eye burns, writes Engadget. People link the problem to the stage lighting at the event, which was organized in Hong Kong this year. Some attendees claim ... Read more

Medical AI project BrainScan launched in Odesa to speed up brain diagnostics

BrainScan, a pilot telemedicine project, has been launched in Odesa. This is the first city in Ukraine where it has been launched. This is the first city in Ukraine where it started working. This was reported by the Ministry of Health on Facebook. «Ця система працює на базі штучного інтелекту ... Read more

AI brain implants can give voice to people who cannot speak

Two research teams from California have developed brain implants that can give voice to people who are unable to speak. The results of their work were published in the journal Nature. The development was reported by The Financial Times. These groups work at the University of California and Stanford University. ... Read more

Australian scientists find that human parasites can prevent type 2 diabetes

In humans, hookworm parasites can help prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. These conclusions were reached by scientists at James Cook University (JCU) in Australia, writes Slashdot. The corresponding human study lasted for two years. It involved 40 participants aged 27 to 50 with early signs of metabolic disease. ... Read more

Scientists have developed CATCH technology to help detect cancer cells

Scientists have developed a technology called CATCH that can help detect and even cure cancer in hard-to-reach places like the colon. This is reported by Engadget with reference to an article in the journal Science. In this technology, scientists used a type of bacterium called Acinetobacter baylyi. It has the ... Read more

Artificial intelligence can warn humanity of next pandemic

Scientists have developed an artificial intelligence app that promises to warn of dangerous variants of future pandemics. The study was published in the journal Cell Patterns, writes Science Alert. The application is called the Early Warning Anomaly Detection (EWAD) system, and when tested against actual SARS-CoV-2 spread data, it accurately ... Read more

An experimental Alzheimer’s vaccine has been developed in Japan

Japanese scientists may be on the cusp of an important breakthrough – the creation of a vaccine that could slow or delay the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, writes Gizmodo. In particular, scientists from Juntendo University are working on its creation. The goal of the vaccine is to teach the immune ... Read more

AI-enabled brain implant helps patient regain feeling and movement to a paralyzed patient

A brain implant with artificial intelligence allowed the patient to regain sensitivity and mobility. The corresponding technology was developed at the Feinstein Institute of Bioelectronic Medicine, which is part of the American network of Northwell Health healthcare facilities, writes Engadget. Keith Thomas of New York suffered an injury in 2020 ... Read more

Ukraine has come close to legalizing medical cannabis

In the first reading, the Verkhovna Rada supported the draft law, which provides for the legalization of medical cannabis. 268 people’s deputies voted for the document. It is about the draft law No. 7457 “On regulation of circulation of cannabis for medical, industrial purposes, scientific and technical activities to create ... Read more

Ukraine should finally legalize cannabis-based medicines, Zelenskyy

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated the need to legalize medical cannabis in Ukraine. The head of state said this during a speech in the Verkhovna Rada, reports Ukrainska Pravda. “In particular, we must finally fairly legalize cannabis-based medicine for everyone who needs it. Relevant scientific research and controlled Ukrainian production,” Volodymyr ... Read more

Laser vision correction experience: let science work for you

It has already been two months since my laser vision correction, and so much information was found and read before it that I decided to systematize it a little and supplement it with my own experience. Especially since this experience is double in our family because two years ago my ... Read more

Apple is working on an AI coach to motivate users do sports, improve eating habits and sleep

A lot of attention is paid to the topic of health in modern smartphones and “smart” gadgets. Apple is one of the first companies to emphasize this in new operating systems and the Apple Watch. And, according to insiders among the developers, we will see the company’s further steps in ... Read more

Mark Gurman believes that AirPods will soon receive more health-oriented features

Health tracking and user assistance features are not new to many gadgets. And the technology of the Apple company is among the leaders in this direction. According to Mark Gurman, quite soon AirPods will receive new functions related to the health of the owner.  Mr. Gurman says that Apple “intends ... Read more

New study: what sleep should be like to add almost 5 years to life

Want to live longer? Then make sleep a priority. Following just five sleep habits adds nearly 5 years to men’s lives and nearly 2.5 years to women’s lives, new research shows, reports CNN. “If people have all these ideal sleep behaviors, they are more likely to live longer,” said study ... Read more

Spotify’s founder helped develop an AI-powered body health scanner

Spotify founder Daniel Ek wants to change the healthcare industry. In a post on LinkedIn, Ek is named as a co-founder of a startup called Neko Health, which specializes in providing body scanning services using artificial intelligence, as previously reported by European news resources Sifter and “After four years ... Read more

The Wandercraft exoskeleton will help stroke patients with rehabilitation

In the US, stroke patients will soon be able to take advantage of advanced robotics in their recovery. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved French company Wandercraft’s Atalante X exoskeleton for stroke rehabilitation. The machine can help with intensive gait training, especially for people with limited upper ... Read more

Long-term symptoms of COVID-19 disappear in people who had a mild infection – results of a large-scale study

A study conducted by a group of scientists in Israel provides encouraging news: most symptoms associated with long-term Covid can disappear over time in those who initially had a mild case of COVID-19. The study found that within a few months of infection, people with a mild form of the ... Read more

The first vaccine to combat brain tumors has been developed

The world’s first vaccine to treat deadly brain tumors could potentially give patients years of extra life, a global clinical trial has shown. A senior NHS physician who was one of the trial’s principal investigators said the data showed the DCVax vaccine led to an “amazing” increase in patient survival, ... Read more

Scientists are testing transfusions of laboratory-grown blood cells

Blood transfusions are an important way to replace lost blood, often saving lives in the worst possible circumstances. But not everyone can get this procedure, because some patients with rare blood types do not meet the requirements. NHS UK announced that it has started a clinical trial in which researchers ... Read more

Covid vaccine technology could help treat cancer as early as 2030

Ugur Sahin and Özlem Türeci are a couple who co-founded the German biotech company BioNTech in 2008, “researching a new technology containing messenger RNA for cancer treatment.” They are working with Pfizer to use the same approach for their Covid vaccine, “now doctors hope it could lead to new treatments ... Read more

Thanks to AI, it will be possible to predict the risk of cardiovascular diseases by scanning the retina of the eye

New study, published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology, opens the way to the development of rapid and inexpensive cardiovascular screenings, if its results are confirmed in future clinical trials. These screenings will allow people to learn about their risk of stroke and heart attack without the need for blood ... Read more

VR headsets may reduce the use of anesthetic during operations

Scientists from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston published a study, according to which the use of VR headsets by patients allows the use of less anesthetic during surgery, reports Engadget. The research team divided 34 patients undergoing elective hand surgery into two groups based on group size. One ... Read more