Google Search

Google search is getting worse

If you think that Google search is getting worse lately, you’re not wrong. This is evidenced, among other things, by new research by German scientists, writes Mashable. Researchers from the University of Leipzig, Bauhaus University Weimar, and the Center for Scalable Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence researched the results of ... Read more

Google has named the 10 most searched games in 2023

Google has announced a list of 10 games that users searched for the most in 2023. Unfortunately, the Russian Atomic Heart is among them. Hogwarts Legacy is at the top of the list. The entire list of the most popular games in the search looks like this: Hogwarts Legacy The ... Read more

Google launches a new feature to simplify online shopping

Google has launched a new feature in its search engine that can help you find gifts and shopping items faster and easier. By writing “shop deals”, users will see promotions and discounts in the best categories for holiday gifts, such as clothing, electronics, toys, cosmetics, etc. You will also be ... Read more

Google Search will help you with geometry problems

Google Search is adding more and more new features, and now it can help you with trigonometry, geometry, and calculus. Previously, users could already use the app to help solve math problems, but now the variety of math problems is growing. The equation can be entered into a search or ... Read more

Google will notify you if your personal data appears online

Google is launching a new feature that will show users results with information about their personal data. Users will also have the opportunity to request the deletion of this data, writes Mashable. Users will be able to add information to be notified. This can be mobile numbers, emails, addresses, or ... Read more

Google will help you learn English right in your search

Google has introduced a new interactive feature in Google Search that will use artificial intelligence to help users learn English. The feature is currently being launched in Argentina, Colombia, India (Hindi), Indonesia, Mexico, and Venezuela. In the future, the company will expand the program to other countries and languages. The ... Read more