Google has introduced a new interactive feature in Google Search that will use artificial intelligence to help users learn English.

The feature is currently being launched in Argentina, Colombia, India (Hindi), Indonesia, Mexico, and Venezuela. In the future, the company will expand the program to other countries and languages.

The system provides you with personalized feedback on the appropriateness of your answer or grammatical errors that can be corrected, along with several answer options of varying degrees of difficulty.

Google will help you learn English right in your search

Among the new technologies that the company has developed for this feature is contextual translation, which will help users translate individual phrases while preserving their context in a sentence. For this purpose, a new deep learning model developed in collaboration with the Google Translate team, Deep Aligner, will be used.

One of the key things in the new assistant will be grammar feedback. Google will use grammar correction models for written text for automatic speech recognition. This way, the system will be able to automatically make suggestions for correcting mistakes in sentences.

The new feature will also conduct semantic analysis to help users express their opinions correctly and clearly.

It’s worth noting that this new tool was not designed to help you learn English from scratch, but rather to help you practice while you use other learning services and resources, such as personal tutoring, mobile apps, and courses.