Galaxy S23 Ultra

Galaxy S23 Ultra review

Traditionally, at the beginning of the year, Samsung announced a new flagship S-series, the peak of which was the Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone. This model had to absorb all the best that is in the manufacturer’s arsenal today, so the expectations from it are quite high. But, at first glance, ... Read more

Samsung released a special version of the Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition

Last year Samsung released an exclusive version of the Galaxy S22 Ultra Mercedes Benz Edition, this year the company decided to create a collaboration with another German car manufacturer, BMW. As a result, we got the Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition. The Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition is ... Read more

Do the system files in Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra take up 60GB? It seems not

For the past few days, information has been circulating on social networks and media that Samsung’s new flagships have a strange problem, allegedly with their “out of the box” operating system taking as much as 60 GB of built-in memory. This is really quite scandalous, because the basic S23 has ... Read more

OneUI 5.1 will add the feature of co-editing Samsung Notes during Google Meet calls

Samsung presented a new Galaxy S23 Ultra flagship smartphone, one of the features of which is the built-in S Pen. The branded pen allows you to conveniently work with notes in the Samsung Notes application, which has received integration with the Google Meet service. In OneUI 5.1, it will be ... Read more

Galaxy S23 Ultra – the first look at Samsung’s flagship smartphone

At first glance, the top model of Samsung’s flagship line has changed even less, but this is not entirely true. The protective glass of the Galaxy S23 Ultra screen is not rounded so much on the sides, which made it possible to make the side edges flatter. This had a ... Read more