Samsung presented a new Galaxy S23 Ultra flagship smartphone, one of the features of which is the built-in S Pen. The branded pen allows you to conveniently work with notes in the Samsung Notes application, which has received integration with the Google Meet service.

In OneUI 5.1, it will be possible to share notes with colleagues and edit them together in real time. The Samsung Notes interface will be expanded on the screen, and Google Meet will switch to picture-in-picture mode.

OneUI 5.1 will add the feature of co-editing Samsung Notes during Google Meet calls

At first, this innovation will be exclusive to Galaxy S23 Ultra owners. But it will probably become available later for other Samsung gadgets (at least those with S Pen support).

Google Meet, by the way, already allows users to jointly watch videos on YouTube or listen to music on Spotify (and also is going to add support for YouTube Music).