Emergency SOS

Apple has extended the free use of the Emergency SOS feature to iPhone 14 owners

Last year, with the then-new iPhone 14 line of smartphones, Apple introduced the Emergency SOS feature. With its help, users can notify rescue services of the need for help even in places where there is no cellular network. The system uses satellite communications. The technology has proven itself well and ... Read more

Android’s Emergency SOS feature also causes unnecessary problems for emergency services

A quick call to emergency services is one of the functions of most modern smartphones. But sometimes such capabilities can hamper emergency services due to accidental activations. For example, the iPhone’s Crash Detection function detected road accidents when users were in amusement parks or at music festivals. And with Android ... Read more

Emergency SOS satellite communication for iPhone 14 has reached Europe

One of the key functions of new smartphones from Apple has become satellite communication in case you need to call for help, and there is no connection to the cellular network. Initially, it was launched only in North America, but quite quickly such an opportunity appeared for the iPhone in ... Read more