Last year, with the then-new iPhone 14 line of smartphones, Apple introduced the Emergency SOS feature. With its help, users can notify rescue services of the need for help even in places where there is no cellular network. The system uses satellite communications.

The technology has proven itself well and is expanding its geography in small steps: from the United States and Canada at the beginning, to 16 countries (unfortunately, Ukraine is not yet on this list). Moreover, it is currently provided free of charge. After activating a new smartphone, the buyer receives two years of free use of Emergency SOS.

And it is not yet known how much the service will cost after this period, because the manufacturer has not yet formed the final cost of the service.

Nevertheless, the company has already extended the free use of Emergency SOS for iPhone 14 users for another year. Thus, the service will become available to users of iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 smartphones simultaneously in two years.

During this time, the company will have time to both increase the area of support for such functionality and calculate the final cost for everyone who wants to have emergency satellite communications while traveling and long-distance travel.