Cougar Royal 120 Pure review – computer desk with height adjustment

Height-adjustable desks are one of the most interesting elements of workplace organization today. There are a lot of such models, they are available in different sizes, with different mechanisms and for different budgets. I’ve been wanting to try such a desk for a long time, so in this review, I’ll ... Read more

Cougar Argo One gaming chair review

When it comes to gaming chairs, it’s easy to think of massive eco-leather models that are often criticized for their lack of ventilation. However, manufacturers also offer lightweight models with mesh for maximum ventilation. One such gaming chair is the Cougar Argo One, and I will discuss its features and ... Read more

Cougar Armor EVO review – lumbar support chair for long hours of work and gaming

After working or playing at a computer for a long time, you unwittingly come to understand the importance of organizing your workplace and the role that a seat plays in it. After all, you can spend time behind a screen with constant fatigue and occasional back pain, or vice versa, ... Read more

Cougar Puri Mini RGB – review of a compact mechanical keyboard

Today we’re going to take a look at a small but interesting mechanical keyboard Cougar Puri Mini RGB with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of 3,499 UAH. I will say right away that it is definitely not for everyone, but if you are a connoisseur of high quality “mechanics” in ... Read more

Cougar Vantar AX slim metal keyboard review

As practice shows, not everyone needs mechanical keyboards, which quite often have a high key profile. In the comments to reviews and news, you can meet users who want a slim keyboard with a short key travel. The Cougar company has a model Vantar AX especially for those needs, which ... Read more

Cougar Airblader Tournament ultralight mouse review

Lightweight mice are needed and in demand. Manufacturers understand this and there are more and more such models. Today we will talk about the new Cougar Airblader Tournament gaming mouse. It is very light, equipped with a cool sensor, and quite convenient. Let’s take a closer look at this model. ... Read more