Google’s Bard may get an advanced paid version and new features

X developer and insider Dylan Roussel shared details of possible Bard updates. Among them, there is a more powerful paid version. Google’s chatbot may get a new paid version that will be more advanced and use the Gemini Ultra model. For the first three months, the premium chatbot will be ... Read more

Bard has learned to watch videos on YouTube in full

Bard, Google’s artificial intelligence, will begin to better understand and analyze YouTube videos. Users will be able to get answers to specific questions about the content of a particular video. As reported by Android Authority, AI will now be able to answer specific questions on videos. “We’re taking the first ... Read more

Google sues fraudsters over fake Bard chatbot advertised on social media

Google has filed a lawsuit against fraudsters who distributed malware posing as an “unpublished” version of the Bard AI chatbot, writes Engadget. The tech giant filed a lawsuit in California. In it, the company claims that the attackers created pages on social networks where they posted ads and encouraged users ... Read more

Thousands of authors are calling on AI developers to stop stealing their books

More than 8,500 authors of fiction, non-fiction and poetry are accusing the technology companies behind major language models such as ChatGPT, Bard, LLaMa and others of using their work without permission or compensation, writes TechCrunch. “These technologies mimic and regurgitate our language, stories, style, and ideas. Millions of copyrighted books, ... Read more

Alphabet warns its employees against using chatbots, including Bard

Alphabet Inc is warning its employees about the use of chatbots, including Bard, while promoting it globally, writes Reuters citing people familiar with the situation. According to them, Google’s parent company advised employees not to enter their confidential materials into chatbots with artificial intelligence. The company confirmed this, citing its ... Read more

Google’s Bard chatbot improves its math and programming skills

Google’s artificial intelligence chatbot Bard is gradually improving its skills in tasks related to logic and reasoning. This is reported by TechCrunch with a link to information from the tech giant. The company noted that thanks to a technique called “hidden code execution”, Bard is improving specifically in the field ... Read more

Waiting for Google I/O 2023

The annual event from the search giant Google this year should be more interesting than in the past. And you can rely not only on the information from insiders but also on official company announcements. Among the novelties of this year, Google is preparing new gadgets in modern categories. But ... Read more

The US government has warned that AI can be used to undermine democracy

Private firms have an ethical, moral, and legal responsibility to ensure that their AI products are safe and secure. At the same time, they must comply with current laws. This is stated by US Vice President Kamala Harris, reports Engadget. In order to achieve greater guarantees regarding AI, the stateswoman ... Read more

Google engineers proposed a competitor to ChatGPT back in 2018, but the company’s management closed the project for security reasons

Chatbots based on language models have already become a part of today. But the most famous ChatGPT was launched only at the end of last year. And inside Google, a similar bot was offered much earlier, when the company’s management had a different view of AI. According to the information ... Read more

Humans still needed: Google relies on employees to improve Bard chatbot responses

Google is still planning to launch a new version of its search engine, which will include the Bard chatbot. Unfortunately, as in the case of Microsoft, the Google chatbot has already managed to give the wrong answer to the question that even made it to an ad. Now the tech ... Read more

Alphabet lost $100 billion in market value due to a mistake in the Google Bard chatbot ad and a weak presentation of AI integration in Internet search

Shareholders initiated a sell-off in Alphabet shares that stripped Google parent of $100 billion in market value after its new Bard chatbot shared inaccurate information in a promotional video and an unveiling of new search capabilities failed to gain much attention, reports Reuters. This has fueled fears that the search ... Read more

Google Bard – a competitor to ChatGPT that will be available to try in the coming weeks

The popularity of ChatGPT, which recently grew to 100 million users, forced Google to speed up its work on a competitor called Bard. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced the project on the company’s blog, describing it as an “experimental conversational AI service” that will respond to user requests and participate ... Read more