Antonov Airlines are relocating their aircraft to Leipzig

Antonov Airlines has made an official statement that the temporary airport as the base for the last 5 An-124s owned by the company, instead of ruined Hostomel will be Leipzig, Germany. ANTONOV Airlines’ aircraft temporarily base at Leipzig Airport, Germany. Taking into consideration impossibility of performing international flights from Ukraine, ... Read more

An-124 help deliver weapons to Ukraine

Journalists of Defense Express drew attention to the post of Joint Operations Command of Australia on how An-124-100 aircraft Antonov Airlines deliver Australian military aid to Ukraine. In the photo you can see the process of loading Australian armored vehicles Bushmaster PMV and 155mm M777 howitzers on Ukrainian giant planes. ... Read more

Antonov cargo aircraft shortage may cause delivery delays for some space projects

As it turned out, a full-scale war in Ukraine will affect almost all countries of the world in one way or another. As a result of the thwarted sowing campaign and the blockade of Ukrainian ports on the Black and Azov Seas, a global food crisis is expected, which will ... Read more