Title Uncharted
Genre action/ adventure
Director Ruben Fleischer
Starring Tom Holland (Nathan “Nate” Drake), Mark Wahlberg (Viktor “Sully” Sullivan), Antonio Banderas (Moncada), Sophia Taylor Ali (Chloe), Braddock (Tati Gabrielle), Pilou Asbæk (Gage)
Studio Sony Pictures Releasing
Length 1 h 56 mins
Year 2022
Website IMDb

We take a classic treasure hunting story with secret maps, artifacts, sunken ships, add some symbolism and puzzles like in Dan Brown’s books, spice it all up with some quality action, invite Tom Holland with Antonio Banderas and Mark Wahlberg. And now we have the movie that’s nice to see on a day off.

Ruben Fleischer’s film (Welcome to Zombieland (2009), Gangster Squad (2013), Venom (2018)) Uncharted is based on the PlayStation series of super-popular games meaning it’s on the list of movies that don’t often earn positive fan reviews. If you’re familiar with the game the movie is based on,you’ll probably have mixed impressions from watching it. But if you, just like the author of this review, had no idea who Nathan Drake was, you will most likely enjoy another treasure hunt story, easily surfing through all the canons and clichés of such stories. Moreover, you don’t have to be a gamer at all to watch Uncharted. This story is a prequel to the series of games of the same name.

Tom Holland, making his way into the list of the world’s biggest stars at a pace to be envied, plays bartender Nathan Drake in the troubled neighborhood of New York. We should note that he has mastered this trade, as evidenced by the bottles and glasses flickering in the actor’s hands.

Uncharted Movie Review/ Uncharted

But Nathan’s real passion is adventure and travel. Together with his older brother Sam, as a child he dreamed of discovering the treasure of Magellan. But his brother has long since disappeared, and now grown-up Nathan meets someone named Sully, who offers him to go on the treasure hunt together. The same treasure is claimed by the tycoon Moncada accompanied by the belligerent Braddock. Everyone is trying to get to Magellan’s treasure first.

On their way, they will have to solve classic quests, and artless puzzles, and each character will show their true nature in pursuit of gold.

Nathan Drake is a professional adventurer. The kind of man who evokes empathy and sympathy despite his machinations and adventurer’s intelligence. Tom Holland’s charisma does the trick in this case.

Uncharted Movie Review/ Uncharted

The action and witty dialogues in the film will help you not regret the time spent. The nostalgia for Indiana Jones, Jumanji, and the likes of National Treasure does not let go while watching the movie. The movie is not overloaded with secondary storylines and characters, but at times it’s not good for the movie, as many questions arise about the main character’s motivation. We’ve overlooked a whole period of Nathan Drake’s life: between the childhood where we caught him at the beginning and the mature young man with the skills of a warrior, traceur, and even an archaeologist. We can only wonder where he got this knowledge from, as the director didn’t give us any clues. Probably only the fans of the game series know.

In any case, this prequel reboot set the foundation for an entire adventure franchise.