10 months ago, we were pleased to give the Editor’s Choice Award to the unusual space strategy game Terraformers. Meanwhile, the developers managed to release the first DLC for this game – Terraformers: New Frontiers, which we, of course, could not pass by.

Гра Terraformers: New Frontiers
Genre strategy
Platforms Windows, Nintendo Switch
Languages English
Developer Asteroid Lab
Publisher Goblinz Publishing

Return to Mars

For those who are too lazy to read the review of Terraformers, we remind you that it is a sci-fi strategy with roguelike and card game elements, in which you build a human colony on Mars and ideally have to terraform the Red Planet, turn it into a paradise with forests, seas, and living creatures.

Terraformers games are short, 1-2 hours, and the elements of randomness and replayability, thanks to roguelike mechanics and random card drops, are incredibly great. At one time, I played more than 20 games and quit only because it was becoming like a mania.

With the release of Terraformers: New Frontiers, I was happy to return to Mars.

Beyond Mars

In the original Terraformers, almost everything revolved around Mars. No, there was the Earth somewhere in the background, which occasionally reminded us of itself, there were asteroids that carried useful resources or danger, there were space orbital projects and even settlements on Deimos and Phobos. But that was it. It’s as if the solar system beyond the orbit of Mars is completely empty.

The DLC Terraformers: New Frontiers fixes this bug. Now, if you want, you can build your strategy on the settlement of the solar system, creating colonies on the satellites of large planets or on the inner planets. These are not full-fledged cities, like on Deimos and Phobos, but rather outposts that you do not develop, but can improve their level, which will provide certain bonuses for the inhabitants of Mars. For example, you can export the atmosphere from Jupiter, the ocean from Europe, build a powerful solar power plant on Mercury, and bring resources from other planets.

Therefore, New Frontiers has many more space projects that can provide a powerful bonus for the inhabitants of Mars, especially if you build enough commercial spaceports or learn a special technology that increases the number of trade routes according to the level of development of extramartian colonies.

Of course, Terraformers: New Frontiers also features new leaders who are focused on space exploration, as well as new technologies and buildings, both for settlements and those that can be built on the surface of Mars.

Martian space

The New Frontiers DLC really adds some interesting new mechanics to the original Terraformers. There are not many of them, but they significantly change the strategy and are available in any custom game or weekly tasks. But there is only one new scenario dedicated to space exploration in the DLC. It is interesting, but it would be nice to see more complex and varied tasks related to space exploration.

The Terraformers: New Frontiers is not necessary to enjoy Terraformers. But if you liked the original game and want to diversify your gaming experience a bit, this is exactly what you need. The DLC costs only 163 UAH and will most likely be offered at the next sale with discounts. Pay attention.

If you’re not familiar with Terraformers, we’ll leave a link to the original game and recommend it again to all fans of science fiction and turn-based strategies.