As the name implies, Teardown is a simulator of total destruction. I understand that right now in Ukraine it sounds rather senseless and even tactless, something, and we have enough destruction. You won’t say anything, good luck with the “neighbors”. But, even now, sometimes you want to pick up a sledgehammer and vent your anger, beating the walls, destroying everything around. Well, it’s best to do it in a safe and controlled environment, in Teardown.

Game Teardown
Genre simulator, sandbox
Platforms Windows
Languages English
Developer Tuxedo Labs
Publisher Tuxedo Labs
Link Steam

In fact, Teardown is a simulator of a destroyer-intruder, which undertakes somewhat shady tasks related to the destruction or expropriation of someone else’s property. Well, there, to destroy at night the building interfering with construction, and the owner of which will not agree to compensation in any way. Or there to steal rare cars. Find important documents. Drown other people’s cars in the lake. Destroy the yacht club and so on. Sometimes the tasks come not only from mafia bosses or evil rich people but also from the local police, who cannot obtain evidence legally.

During illegal actions, you have the opportunity to use any tools or equipment, or machines that you find on the map. Can’t destroy the damn shack with a sledgehammer? Don’t worry – take a bulldozer, truck, crane, excavator, ship, etc. Break down the walls to get to the room you need, destroy the fences, and blow up everything here, if it helps you commit the perfect crime.

In the case of robberies, with goals at different ends of the level, you need to plan your way from one point to another in advance and prepare everything. Open doors, remove extra cars, move some trucks or tugs, make passages, and so on. Because as soon as you move at least one thing that needs to be stolen, there will be an alarm, and you will have only 60 seconds to gather everything you need, no matter how far from each other, and get off the level. As I say, you need to plan a perfect robbery.

The Teardown feature is a fairly reliable physics of object destruction, scattering of fragments, and interaction of fragments. Honestly, this is probably the best physical engine we’ve ever seen. Explosions, destruction of buildings and transport… yes, I know how it sounds, sorry. Everything is done on an incredible level. And you have to pay for it. At some levels, especially created by users, my old PC (yes, first damn miners, and then the war, when do you have to upgrade here) literally choked, and the fps dropped to a humiliating 3-5 frames per second.

On the other hand, in the campaign, even at fairly high levels with many light sources, in fog and rain, my old PC gave 30+ fps at a resolution of 2560 × 1440. That is a problem with optimization, which the authors of Teardown coped well with, but the moderators – not really.

But, in any case, modifications support in Teardown is probably the main feature of the game, because during the Time of Access and since the release of the game, users have created many interesting levels, game objects, tools, mechanics, and even entire games based on Teardown. Shooters, puzzles, quests, and so on.

Among the works of users you can find a medieval castle; Hogwarts and the house of Dursley Privet Drive, a miniature GTA V and separately the full house of Trevor; a scene from Star Wars and a lunar base, a large city block somewhere in the US and a shopping mall, a Boeing 777 right in the air. Laser, ice, and gravity guns, a Gatling machine gun, a jet pack, and even a flying Lockheed AC-130 artillery battery and a meteorite strike. Hitting a medieval castle with a 105-mm cannon is priceless.

In addition to the destruction itself, Teardown has combustion, fluid physics, scripting language, the ability to create triggers, and quite complex mechanisms. With direct hands and imagination, users can build anything here. And they create, so exploring the Steam Workshops is an almost weekly ritual for gamers in Teardown.

As you probably already know, Teardown is a unique product that we recommend to everyone interested in sandbox games. This game is even hard to compare with any other, it is a truly unique and incredible gaming experience. Teardown is 100% worthy of Mezha editors’ choice.