Yes, I would also like to put another name in the title of the review, which sounds very similar, but the big AAA-games about Putler’s murder have not yet been made by Ukrainian developers. Hey, GSC Game World, 4A Games, Frogwares, where are you? Great idea !.So far, Putin can be “killed” in a free game FUCK PUTIN from a Polish developer. That is, not even to kill, but mock Putin’s ragdoll. There is still an opportunity to whip the Russian Fuhrer with sunflower here #slaputin, but here I feel sorry for the sunflower. But we were distracted, because this time we will kill the real Hitler. For the fifth or even sixth time, if you count Hitler’s zombies Zombie Army 4: Dead War, by the way, not as bad a game as it may seem at first glance. That is, you probably already understand that we are talking about the next part of the Sniper Elite series, the sniper shooter Sniper Elite 5.

Game Sniper Elite 5
Genre third-person shooter
Platforms Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Languages English
Developer Rebellion
Publisher Rebellion

Frankly, at the beginning of the big war, I didn’t know if I would ever play video games again. Then it turned out that the games, first simple, then more complex, are a good way to distract for a while from the endless flipping of the news feed and the horror that is happening around. But by the end of May, I didn’t know if I could play realistic games, war shooters, because it seemed kind of nonsense.

In fact, it still seems. I play a game about snipers, and only 400 km to the east and south do our soldiers are under the bullets of real enemy snipers. And, unfortunately, they die. Every day. But the missiles have not hit Kyiv for several weeks, and even an air alarm is not heard every day. People sit in cafes and restaurants, go to the theater and on dates, go out for barbecues, play games. At the same time, the future of the country rests on the shoulders of soldiers, pilots, tankers and sappers on the front line not so far from the capital.

This is life. It has always been so, at all times in all countries, the phrase “feast during the plague” did not appear out of nowhere. This is a kind of defensive reaction. It’s weird, but it’s okay. So, as it turned out, it was normal for me to play a shooter about the war. Moreover, when pulling the trigger, you can imagine that the guys in uniform from Hugo Boss are Muscovites. Yes, they are not very similar, because ruscists cannot even cosplay, but both are Nazis, that is, why not. If you are looking for a game where you can shoot russians, these are Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts and Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2. Especially the first part, which is about a kind of Siberian People’s Republic. But back to Sniper Elite 5.

In short, the Sniper Elite 5 is a Sniper Elite 4 with slightly updated graphics in France, not Italy. Rebellion does not try to invent a bike, but gives players what they want – the same thing, just a little different. That is, if you played in previous parts of the series, you know what to expect.

Large confusing maps with several main and several secondary tasks . Each map here is a kind of stealth puzzle for 2 hours of slow playing. Simplified, but similar to realistic ballistics. Frankly stupid plot with another “analog” miracle weapon of the Nazis, which only you can destroy with enemies whose names you will not mention even immediately after the briefing.

Variety of weapons, this time with a very good customization, and gadgets are worth the wait. Definitely a branded X-Ray kill cam that has become even more realistic and spooky. Collecting reconnaissance data, collectibles and shots (yes, that’s not a mistake). And, of course, you should expect not very smart, but quite persistent bots, but they can shoot very accurately and have excellent hearing.

Although with bots in Sniper Elite 5 is interesting. That is, at the normal level of complexity, they really are not very skillful, but on the complex it is better not to touch them just like that. In addition, Sniper Elite 5 has a new interesting feature – Invasion, i.e. the ability to join someone else’s game as a German sniper hunter. Such a hunter has his own useful skills and can rely on the reports of AI soldiers. This is where a really interesting game of cat and mouse begins, however, a sniper player can destroy a shot that you have been preparing for a long time, and you will have to reload the mission.

As always, Sniper Elite 5 has several ways to achieve the goal. And I don’t mean different approaches, sniper positions or arbitrary choice of which tasks to perform in the first place. Here, as in a Hitman, you can kill some VIP enemies with very ingenious methods – by blowing up a car, throwing a stone gargoyle on your head, or even poisoning tea or wine. In fact, in the absence of a real Splinter Cell, Sniper Elite 5 has the right to the title of a real stealth-action. You can hide corpses here, hide yourself too, distract enemies, you can set traps, use non-lethal ammunition . What else do you need?

Multiplayer? It is also possible in Sniper Elite 5. Cooperative campaign; Invasion mode; cooperative survival mode; and of course the classic camper team multiplayer. However, there is a big problem – the players. Most prefer arcade modes such as team play for 16 people in 4 teams. Real chaos and nonsense. Normal matches should be sought and there are few players there.

More? And, of course, to kill Hitler! As in all the latest games in the series, this is a separate DLC mission. This time Target Führer – Wolf Mountain.As always, the Fuhrer of all Germans can be killed in various and very ingenious ways.

In addition, Rebellion offers players Sniper Elite 5 Season Pass One, which will include 2 more large missions. The truth is that such a pass is almost like a full-fledged game.

Germany 1945 (Sniper Elite V2), Africa 1942 (Sniper Elite III), Italy 1943 (Sniper Elite 4), France 1944 (Sniper Elite 5)… Did Rebellion go full circle and return to Germany in 1945? But how much is possible ?! Maybe it’s time to leave that damn Second World War and move on to the Cold War with the Russians as targets? Especially since it was already in the second half of the Sniper Elite V2.

In addition, the Second World War in the performance of Rebellion every time it turns out something too glamorous, too clean. God forbid they offend anyone. Concentration camps? Captives as slaves in the production of German wunderwaffe? Mass burials? No, they haven’t heard of this. I dare you to send your handsome OSS agent Karl Fairburne to the USSR to snatch some important rocket scientist from the clutches of NKVD, or arrange him a tour of the Gulag camps. I dare you to show what Soviet soldiers did in the occupied territories? Take a walk in Katyn? On Solovki? Kill for diversity Stalin, not Hitler? Can you do that, Rebellion?

Because it seems that now the Sniper Elite series is making no headway. Maybe it’s time to take the next step?