The brand of Rozetka — RZTK, offers a large number of various products, including computer mice. We couldn’t leave without attention RZTK Z 500, a gaming model with RGB lighting, the cost of which is about UAH 600 – it was very interesting to find out how it differs from similar products of “traditional” brands, which usually cost much more.



Connection Wired
Length (mm) 125
Width (mm) 64
Height (mm) 42
Weight 150 g (with wire)
Sensor type Optical
DPI 200-10000
Number of buttons 7
Switches Resource
3 million clicks
Backlight present
Ergonomic aspects Right hand
Form factor For medium-sized hands
Price in Ukraine 699 (599) UAH


Design, ergonomic aspects

RZTK Z 500 is an ergonomic mouse for the right hand, with a slight inclination to the right in the button area and a little more in the body. The “rise” of the upper part of the case is average, located almost in the center of the mouse when viewed from the side.

The case is as simple as possible: there are no protrusions on the sides for resting fingers. The material is black plastic with a classic matte surface on the sides and a “soft touch” coating on top and buttons. There are also small glossy inserts on both sides.

Mouse is of the medium size (125x64x42 mm), declared by the manufacturer weight (unspecified) is 150g. Actually this is the weight including the wire, without it the RZTK Z 500 weighs 115g. This is also quite a lot for a gaming mouse, but still not that critical.

As for the type of grip, it seemed to us that the RZTK Z 500 feels better in the “palm” grip, despite its not very large dimensions and the lack of ergonomic protrusions, it is too heavy for the “claw” and even more so the “fingers”. Due to its not very large size, it will feel better in medium-sized palms, but it will seem too small in large ones.


Functionality, sensor

The Pixart PMW3325DB sensor is installed in the RZTK Z 500 — it is not a new, but quite popular optical sensor that is used in many budget models, including “expensive” brands. The main features of the sensor in the RZTK Z 500, according to the product page on Rozetka, are: maximum resolution of 10,000 CPI, maximum tracking speed of 32 inches per second.

RZTK Z 500 gaming mouse review

Note that this differs from the specifications on the official website of the sensor manufacturer, where they are 5000 CPI and 100 IPS, respectively. Max acceleration is listed as 20g on the Pixart website. The default sensor sensitivity buttons switch between 800, 1600, 2400, 3600, 5000 and 10,000 CPI.

In total, the RZTK Z 500 has seven programmable buttons, including the wheel, the resource of the main buttons declared by the manufacturer is 3 million activations. This is much less than in more expensive gaming models, where this parameter is usually tens of millions.


Mouse in use

The main buttons are quite large, considering the overall size of the mouse. The button travel before the switch activation is not significant, the click is medium in force and sound. In our sample, there was no backlash in the buttons when lightly touched, but you can find opposite reviews on the product page on Rozetka website.

We should note that the soft touch coating of the upper part of the case and the buttons, although pleasant to the touch, expectedly gets dirty very quickly, especially on the buttons under the fingers. You can return them to their “commercial appearance”, for example, with the help of alcohol wipes.

The side buttons are very easy to press, especially the one closer to the back of the case – so easy that it can lead to accidental clicks while moving the mouse.

The wheel rotates quite tightly, the click is performed with a noticeable effort. Again, in the reviews you can find examples when the wheel began to creak after a few months.

The RZTK Z 500 has three zones with RGB illumination: the wheel, the logo on the back of the case and a thin strip from the bottom, along the entire body of the mouse. At the same time, the illumination of the wheel and the logo is used as an indication of the selected sensitivity of the sensor – by default, the lowest sensitivity is marked in red, the next one in green, and so on. If desired, these colors can be changed in the proprietary utility, as well as the pattern of the dynamic change of the strip illumination (constant, “breathing”, “wave”, etc.).

To find out which switches are used in the RZTK Z 500, we disassembled the mouse – unfortunately, in doing so we had to damage the Teflon feet, which will be difficult to replace – a replacement kit is not supplied with the joystick, and the shape of them is quite unconventional, so at best you will have to look for Teflon “canvas” and cut the feet of the desired shape with your own hands.

Huano Black Shell Pink Dot switches are used for the main buttons. According to the specifications, their resource is much greater than indicated in the description of the mouse — 10 million activations. The pressing force is quite significant – 78 g, there is a very clear “click” when triggered.

By the way, during disassembly, the reason for the relatively large weight of the RZTK Z 500 was revealed – a metal plate weighing 15 g is attached to the upper part of the case, and if it is removed, the total weight of the mouse is reduced to 100 g.

RZTK Z 500 gaming mouse review


RZTK Z 500 Software

It’s not surprising, but the mouse for ~600 hryvnias has its own software for detailed settings of its operation parameters. In addition to the already mentioned RGB lighting, the utility allows you to change the values ​​of the buttons, record macros, switch the polling frequency (from 125 to 1000 Hz) and create user profiles.