If you dream of becoming a real party king, you need to be Ryan Reynolds, or you can buy the Samsung Sound Tower MX-ST50B with a recommended price of UAH 15,999, which can make any a party amazing. This is the portable speaker that we have for review, so let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

Sound Tower MX-ST50B Design

Let’s start with the design. The MX-ST50B is a fairly massive triangular-shaped speaker. Its dimensions are 329x665x301 mm, weight – 11.9 kg. So it can be called portable conditionally – you are unlikely to take it on a picnic, but if you are going to the country for the weekend it is quite possible to grab it. By the way, the protection against moisture according to the IPX5 class is declared, so the device is not afraid of water splashes.

The body is made of durable plastic, the speakers are covered with metal grilles. On top are the speaker control keys, as well as sound source connection indicators and charge status. In the upper part of the back panel there is a rather convenient handle for transporting the device. Below are the buttons for Bluetooth pairing in different modes. A panel with various inputs is hidden under them – you can connect devices via AUX, insert a flash drive with music (MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC) or even connect a microphone. Samsung Sound Tower can become a karaoke machine and add entertainment to your party.

At the bottom you will find the input for connecting the power cable. The speaker is reliably located on three legs that have a rubber coating. Of course, the MX-ST50B’s appearance is enhanced by the LED backlight. It has five operating modes that can be changed using the proprietary application or remote control. The latter has all the necessary keys to control music playback, switch between sound sources, adjust the backlight and add sound effects.

Review of the Samsung Sound Tower MX-ST50B audio system


Despite the fact that the MX-ST50B should be tuned mostly to electronic and dance music, the sound is pleasantly balance. I listened to compositions in various musical genres and I must note that the speaker copes with all of them very decently. The fact that it is able to reproduce various music in detail, cleanly and without unnecessary distortions in low frequencies, I consider an absolute plus.

Review of the Samsung Sound Tower MX-ST50B audio system

Though, of course, when the bass-heavy dance tracks are turned on, it’s the MX-ST50B’s true element. The sound is very saturated, but at the same time there is no feeling of a continuous hum of low frequencies — there is enough bass, but without overdoing it. Although, if you still miss low frequencies, you can turn on the Bass Booster function.

Review of the Samsung Sound Tower MX-ST50B audio system

The power of the MX-ST50B is 240 W, which should surely be enough for home parties. However, keep in mind that the speaker produces full power only when connected to the mains. When working from a battery, the power is limited to 90 W. But even in this mode, the volume margin is more than sufficient.

Functions and connectivity options

Thanks to its bi-directional design, the MX-ST50B fills the entire room with sound. The speaker also offers the possibility of combining several similar audio systems — available wired and wireless connection (Group Play). The Bluetooth module supports SBC, AAC and aptX codecs.

Review of the Samsung Sound Tower MX-ST50B audio system

During the party, DJ duties can be delegated to two users at once, because the device supports the multi-connection function via Bluetooth. By the way, in the company application Sound Tower there is a DJ Beat mode, which allows you to experiment with various sound effects. There are also different sound profiles: Standard, Party, Hip-Hop, EDM, Rock, Latin, House, Reggae. In general, the application is convenient and you can quickly find the functionality you need.

The MX-ST50B can be a nice upgrade for your TV as well – just connect the speaker via Bluetooth and watching movies or sports events will go to a new level.

Sound Tower MX-ST50B battery life

Review of the Samsung Sound Tower MX-ST50B audio system

MX-ST50B can work from the built-in battery for up to 18 hours. A very good result, plus the speaker can serve as a huge power bank for your gadgets. However, do not forget that when working from a battery, the power of the device is limited to 90 W. It would be nice if Samsung provided another intermediate mode, about 150 W, so that the user has more choice and can sacrifice 7-8 hours of battery life, but instead get a more powerful sound in battery mode.