The Republic of Gamers gaming brand has everything that gamers need. From computer components to accessories and clothing. Of course, there are also gaming chairs. Today we are going to review a new product – ROG Aethon, a premium chair, as the manufacturer calls it.

Design and materials

At first glance, the design of the ROG Aethon doesn’t look very different from other gaming chairs. It seems to look like a typical “racing” chair, but ASUS managed to stand out here as well, their model stands out thanks to a combination of different materials, a large non-standard cushion, and unusually shaped armrests.

ROG Aethon

In addition, it is not massive, the size is not XL, but rather L, so it does not look bulky, but rather neat. If you’re looking for a chair that won’t take up half the room, this may be one of the options.

ROG Aethon has an all-steel frame, which means that the chair is durable and can withstand heavy loads. The upholstery is made of black and gray artificial leather. In the center of the back and seat there is a dense material that feels somewhat similar to alcantara, but stronger. It is in these places that the chair receives the most stress and interaction with human clothing, so they were reinforced with a material that should not crack or rub off. In addition, it is not so hot to sit on such a coating in warm weather.

Review of the ROG Aethon gaming chair

In the specifications of the chair on the manufacturer’s website, it is written that the foam in the center of the seat is slightly softer than on the sides. I personally did not feel this, and according to my impressions, the sides are softer than the center part. However, in general, the foam in the chair is good, it holds its shape well.

The chair has rather high armrests. They are relatively soft, beveled in front and generally comfortable. They can be adjusted in height and angles. These are so-called 2D armrests, not 4D. There is no adjustment in length and width. The movement of the armrests is normal, but not smooth.

Review of the ROG Aethon gaming chair

The rocking mechanism, in my opinion, is too simple for a chair that costs 15 000 UAH. This is a Tilt, which is used in ordinary office chairs. The principle of operation is very simple: the rocking is regulated by the fact that a metal pin locks or unlocks the mechanism. Accordingly, there is no fixation of the seat position at the desired angle. From a premium chair, I expected a multi-block mechanism, as in most models of this class.

Review of the ROG Aethon gaming chair

The base of the chair is metal, thick, and it is unlikely that anything will happen to it over time.

Review of the ROG Aethon gaming chair

The polyurethane-coated wheels are small, 60 mm in diameter, but they run smoothly on flat surfaces without any problems.

Adjustment and use

The backrest is traditionally adjustable, with a maximum tilt angle of 152 degrees. That is, you can lie comfortably in the chair. In addition, there is a rocking mode, which we have already mentioned, as well as height adjustment.

I didn’t expect anything from a head pillow, but it’s really comfortable. It is large, very pleasant to the touch, because it is covered with velor. And the foam inside is soft and seems to be made for my head. My neck rests, and not many pillows can do that.

Review of the ROG Aethon gaming chair

But I wouldn’t call the chair itself soft, and that’s good. I’m of the opinion that a work chair shouldn’t be too soft. Yes, it’s a work chair, because in fact, most people use such chairs for work first and foremost, and then for games. Therefore, a chair that is too soft will allow you to relax more and not sit up straight in it, which means that you will not sit correctly. ROG Aethon won’t give you a chance to sit up straight. Even if you don’t want to, you will have to sit in it correctly, because otherwise it will not be as comfortable.

Review of the ROG Aethon gaming chair

The reason for this is the built-in lumbar support, which is a fixed lumbar cushion, and it’s quite hard, and you can’t get rid of it. So you have to sit properly. You may not like it at first, but you’ll get used to it. Personally, I used to sit in gaming chairs the wrong way – with one leg under me or something. Only this chair made me sit upright.

Review of the ROG Aethon gaming chair

Speaking of comfort, it’s quite comfortable for me, even though the size is too tight. This applies to both the seat and the back. If it were a little smaller, it would hardly fit me. And it’s good that the seat has low sides, because it would be uncomfortable. ASUS says that the chair is suitable for people from 175 to 190. Well, I doubt about 190, because my height is about 183, and if I were taller, it would be cramped.