What does a graphic story about a romantic relationship between a vampire and a werewolf have to do with the subject of our site?… Nothing. Except that we support Ukrainian content, Sarah Andersen is a genius, and Fangs is an incredibly good, warm and funny story about relationships, love and superstitions. A story in which many people recognize their own romantic experience. And Fangs is a good way to unwind, something that each of us needs in these difficult times.

Title Fangs
Genre comic
Author Sarah Andersen
Translation Olena Lisevich
Publisher Vovkulaka
Year of publication 2022
Pages 112
Format 150 × 217 mm
Binder hardcover
Language Ukrainian
Website Vovkulaka

Vampire Elsie is three hundred years old, but she looks like a fragile 26-year-old girl. Jimmy the werewolf runs into the forest once a month to howl at the moon. They are simply made for each other. And no, this story has nothing to do with the pop Twilight. This is a true story about how two lonely and reclusive creatures find each other, how they get used to each other, transform their own habits, make concessions and enjoy the time they spend together. This is a real, very touching and very sweet love story.

If you don’t know who Sarah Andersen is, who invented and drew Fangs, then in I have only two words for you – Sarah’s Scribbles. If you haven’t even heard the title of this comic, you 100% have seen its heroine in a striped sweater in numerous memes and funny pictures on the Internet. Sarah’s Scribbles has won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Graphic Novel or Comic for three consecutive years.

Of course, you should flip through Fangs only with a loved one, otherwise there is no point in it, because a separate important part of this comic is the recognition of situations familiar to everyone who has lived with a loved one for some time. Sarah Andersen is very good at noticing these cute little things that at first seem unimportant and even annoying, but over time will only make you smile and have pleasant memories together.

Of course, the story of Elsie and Jimmy is also the story of a vampire and a werewolf, and a separate part of it is a mockery of typical superstitions and stereotypes related to evil forces and magical creatures. And Sarah Andersen very successfully mocks these stereotypes in the spirit of Twilight and other Hollywood “works” on the vampire theme.

Almost the only drawback of the Fangs comic is that it ends very quickly. This book, by the way, is very well made and nicely translated, has only 112 pages, besides, the format is not the same as in most comics, it is almost a regular book in size. So Fangs very quickly reach the end. More than likely after a while (a very short time actually) you will feel like opening this book again, but… Dear Sarah Andersen, how about a sequel?