Large gaming laptops are often a replacement for desktops. So it is more convenient to transport the computer between different workplaces while receiving a considerable productivity margin for various tasks, entertainment, and just as comfortable work as possible. At the same time, it is rarely taken into account that the appearance of such laptops does not necessarily have to resemble their purpose, which entails many areas of illumination, “aggressive” design solutions, and non-standard design elements. In today’s review, we will look at the capabilities of one of the strongest Dream Machines models with a concise design.

Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51 specifications

Model Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51
Display IPS, 17,3”, resolution 2560×1440, aspect ratio 16:9, frequency 165 Hz
CPU Intel Core i7-12700H
RAM 32 GB DDR5-4800
Storage 1 TB
GPU NVIDIA GeForce 3080 Ti 16 GB
Ports HDMI, 2×USB-A 3.2 Gen 2, USB-C 3.2 Gen 2, Thunderbolt 4, RJ-45, 2×3,5 mm, mDP
Wireless modules Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth 5.2
Camera 1 MP
Audio 2 speakers and 2 microphones
Keyboard Island-type keys with RGB illumination
Battery and charging 80 Wh, power supply unit 230 W
Dimensions 399×270×24,9 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
MSRP 156 999 UAH

Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51 complete set

In the case when, for example, “laptop mode” is needed only formally, the user is unlikely to need additional accessories in the box. And here the company will offer only a couple of parts for installing a second drive and, which is almost rare and actually a very nice little thing, a small cloth for the display.

Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51 – a review of a powerful gaming laptop

However, considering the high cost of the device, perhaps some additional accessories would not hurt. For example, a backpack of the appropriate size. Yes, it is unlikely that the 17-inch model will often leave its workplace, but in such a case, the user will most likely have to buy something for transportation. The user probably already has gaming accessories, but there may be issues with a suitable backpack (from my own experience: a backpack that has enough room for ordinary 16-inch business laptops barely closed with today’s test subject).

Design and usability

Gaming laptops with a relatively neutral design are not so common these days. Many of them still have many visible elements of appearance that indicate their origin and purpose. At Dream Machines, the approach is neutral. At least, in the basic configurations, because for an additional 999 hryvnias when ordering, you can get your own design of the top cover, on which the customer’s desired picture will be applied. Without it, it will be just a black laptop with a white manufacturer’s logo.

Such simplicity in design may not appeal to fans of colorful tech like the white variants of Alienware, ASUS, Razer, etc. But for those who like minimalist design, this option is perfect.

Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51 – a review of a powerful gaming laptop

Although there are still a couple of notable accents on the case. These are ventilation holes (especially at the bottom), which look completely different on ordinary laptops, and “bronze” inserts on the corners of the case near the display. They practically do not draw attention to themselves, but they look quite nice and slightly complement the overall minimalist look of the case.

But the size of today’s editorial guest already corresponds to large game models. It is 399×270×24.9 mm with a weight of approximately 2.5 kg. Such a laptop needs significantly more space on the desktop, it is not very convenient to travel with it and work “on the knee”. And yes, this is true of most of these laptops, so this is not a complaint, but a simple interpretation of the fact. Portability is not a priority for gaming systems, and this is no exception.

Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51 – a review of a powerful gaming laptop

Also traditionally for such models, the Dream Machines have quite a few ports on the topcase. On the left, you can find two USB-A 3.2 Gen2 ports and a separate 3.5 mm Jack for connecting headphones and a microphone. On the opposite side, there is a flip-out RJ-45, one USB-C 3.2 Gen2, and a microSD slot. What I personally like about large gaming laptops is the placement of separate ports also on the back of the top case, where we have a Kensington lock, mDP, HDMI, Thunderbolt 4, and a charging port.

In general, the notebook body turned out to be of high quality, it has metal panels on the top and bottom, and all the design elements fit well together. At the same time, you can see fingerprints on the body over time, but it is not difficult to wipe them. If you abstract from the top offers of A-brands, then Dream Machines still offers a good alternative. And especially for cases when the user needs a laptop with a neutral appearance and powerful components. Among the things that I would like to change is only the location of some ports, such as Ethernet, the cable of which would be much more convenient to place behind, instead of on the right side.

Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51 display

Although the trend this year has been the increase in gaming laptop models to 16 and 18 inches, the 17-inch options still remain and are not something old-school. They also offer fairly large (for laptops) screens that are convenient for working, playing, watching movies, etc. Our test sample also offers relatively thin bezels on the sides, a nice hinge, and provides the necessary comfort for its tasks.

The 17.3-inch matrix has a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a refresh rate of 165 Hz. That is, the necessary minimum of today’s standards has been met. Thanks to the configuration, you don’t have to think about the resolution in games, and even more so, you don’t have to limit yourself in any way during normal work. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify the reaction speed of the matrix (BOEhydis NE173QHM-NY3), but subjectively there should be no problems with this.

There are no additional settings or modes in the matrix. So there is only a standard option to display colors that are not affected by the user. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this. Everything is good with color coverage, as well as with viewing angles. Only the color temperature could be moved a little in the “warm” direction, although in games this is not a fundamental point at all (game modes, on the contrary, usually turn to “cold” values).

Traditionally for such laptops, the matrix has a matte protective layer. At the same time, it even showed more than the declared maximum level of brightness: 354 cd/m². The minimum level is 22 cd/m². Auto-adjustment of brightness is lacking, but few laptops can boast of such.

Manipulators and multimedia

The case of the 17-inch laptop easily allows you to place a keyboard with a NUM block. Dream Machines has a very low-key option, with no dedicated navigation blocks, WSAD, or split F-keys. Even the lighting here is quite simple and only allows you to change 15 static color options. But the keys have sufficient travel, quiet operation, and the correct location for “blind” typing. There is a noticeable flaw in the rigidity of its base because at minimal pressure it is noticeable that there is an extra stroke under it. It does not interfere with work or during games, but it still slightly spoils the overall impression. And with such a cost of the entire laptop, I would like to get a fingerprint scanner.

There is a large trackpad for normal work. Its dimensions are 150×90 mm. At the same time, it has good placement, and at least for FPS games, it was not necessary to turn it off. It also does a good job of identifying finger positions and gestures. That is, for working with media or office tasks, etc you don’t need a mouse.

Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51 – a review of a powerful gaming laptop

What I didn’t really like were the speakers. Both are located in the delicate part of the case, closer to the user. They have a low maximum volume and they practically do not cope with low frequencies. A similar situation often occurs in other manufacturers. In fact, for sound reproduction during work calls or watching series, this solution is more or less sufficient, and for games or music at the gamer’s workplace, there will definitely be good speakers and/or headphones.

Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51 – a review of a powerful gaming laptop

A megapixel webcam will be quite enough for video calls. I don’t think it will be enough for those who want to add their image to their own stream, but such users, again, will most likely have a solution to such a problem.

Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51 – a review of a powerful gaming laptop

And next to the camera, there are two microphones. They are very sensitive, so you can’t do without third-party noise absorbers. Otherwise, they “hear” all the sounds both from the laptop itself and everything around it. This is unlikely to put the player in a difficult position because the laptop even has an analog jack for a microphone.

Productivity and software

The original origin of Dream Machines laptops comes from the Taiwanese manufacturer Clevo. And here the manufacturer made sure that the сгіещьук had additional options when ordering. Therefore, when ordering a Dream Machine, you can not only add your own original design of the top cover but also choose the capacity of the RAM and drive(s), the range of which is quite wide, add the version of Windows and even choose the thermal interface. Of course, all these are paid and sometimes expensive options, but they exist.

Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51 – a review of a powerful gaming laptop

We are reviewing the RS3080-17UA51 model, which has a 14-core Intel Core i7-12700H (4.6 GHz, 20 threads, 6 productive and 8 energy-efficient cores), 32 GB DDR5-4800, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti with 16 GB, and 1 terabyte drive. There are no options with other processors or graphics cards for this laptop in the configurator, for this, choose other models from the manufacturer. Also, the user can replace the drive and RAM on their own or through the company’s service. For wireless communication, the laptop is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 receivers, and of course, there is also a gigabit wired connection. 

The proprietary software allows you to choose from four operating modes: Power Saving, Quiet, Performance, Entertainment. Subjectively, only two of them are useful — Power Saving in case of no network or for simple work, and Performance for “heavy” tasks and games.

Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51 – a review of a powerful gaming laptop

The results of synthetic tests once again confirm that this may not be the most powerful configuration, but the performance here will be enough for several years.

Without a connected power supply, they fall accordingly. But as we have already noted in reviews of gaming laptops, there remains a doubt that users of such models often play outside the workplace and without access to an outlet. At the same time, even with a loss of productivity, for normal work, media viewing, or other “light” entertainment, the comfort of work remains unchanged. 

Mains Battery
3DMark (TimeSpy) 12534 1843
3DMark (CPU Profile, max threads) 7464 3040
CineBench R23 (single/multi core) 1825/15745 1595/6737
PCMark 10 10070 4371

The most interesting is still the indicators in games because in most cases this is exactly what this laptop will be bought for. And here the capabilities of the model pleasantly surprised, because without the declared overclocking and with a standard power supply unit, it managed to show quite high FPS indicators, which exceeded my first expectations.

  • CS:GO —  300+
  • PUBG — 135
  • GTA V — 159
  • Shadow of the Tomb Rider — 119
  • Forza Horizon 5 — 81
  • Metro Exodus — 105
  • Cyberpunk 2077 — 61/77 (2560х1440/Full HD)

The next pleasant moment was the stability of work. Although not without the typical drawbacks of the maximum power mode, where the cooling system is loud and heats everything near the vents. But at the same time, it fulfills its duties without raising the temperature inside much higher than 80°C during games. The working surface also heats up but does not cause discomfort to the user. But with office work, the fans turn on from time to time, and the temperature stays close to 40°C. 

Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51 – a review of a powerful gaming laptop

The proprietary software looks pretty simple. Among the basic capabilities of Dream Machines are the selection of operating modes, the macro editor for manipulators, the selection of colors and intensity of the keyboard backlight, and the separate setting of the cooling operation mode. But, if you do not open the Control Center, but right-click on its icon in the system tray, you can also find switching modes of video accelerators, where there are hybrid options and an option to work with only discrete graphics. Just remember that such a change necessarily requires a reboot.

Dream Machines RS3080-17UA51 battery life

Newer generations of processors with energy-saving cores have nevertheless significantly improved the autonomous operation of even gaming laptops, which were previously unable to demonstrate endurance even when performing light tasks. The reviewed Dream Machines model showed almost 6 hours of operation at a brightness level of 100 cd/m² in an office test. This is with a built-in battery capacity of 80 W•h. However, the game test exhausts it just as quickly, in 1 hour and 13 minutes. As for real situations, with comfortable backlight settings, the laptop loses an average of 15% per hour of operation (20% if you leave the display at 165 Hz instead of switching to 60), and watching a two-hour movie will cost 37% of the charge.

The complete 230 W power supply unit is relatively compact for a gaming laptop. It adds a little less than 700 grams to the total weight of the backpack. But, unfortunately, it will not provide fast charging. After the battery life test, it took more than three hours to fully recover the charge. At the same time, if you start playing with an incomplete battery, it will hardly charge during maximum load.