May 2024 will be full of new movies and TV series. Both long-awaited blockbusters and original arthouse projects are coming out. This review will cover some of the most interesting premieres of the month that will definitely not leave you indifferent.

The Sweet East

The story centers on a young Lillian who finds herself in Washington, D.C., on a school trip. After getting separated from her classmates, the girl embarks on her own journey through the cities and forests of the US East Coast. On her journey through modern America, she meets all sorts of people who call this country home: from white supremacists and Islamic radicals to neo-punks.

We start the month with an arthouse film. A satirical film about modern America, partly inspired by the concept of Alice in Wonderland, where the main character finds herself in a strange world. Our world is becoming more and more crazy every year, so it never hurts to have a healthy perspective that will help us find the right way to solve modern problems. Among the actors, you may recognize Simon Rex, known for the “Very Scary Movie” series, who is quite unusual to see in such a project.

The movie is not for everyone, but if you are interested in the political situation in America or like movies to think about, I think it’s worth going to see.

The premiere in Ukraine took place on May 2.

Le successeur

The story centers on fashion designer Elias Barnes, who, at the age of 30, becomes the artistic director of a famous Parisian fashion house. Due to excessive excitement and high demands, he begins to experience chest pains. Suddenly, he is called back to his native Montreal to organize his father’s funeral. There he discovers that he has inherited much more than a weak heart.

It’s a story about a man who is faced with problems and tries to solve them. Judging by the reviews, we are expecting a provocative work that will definitely not leave the viewer indifferent, and maybe even shock them.

The film was released in Ukraine on May 2.

La fille de son père

The story centers on Etienne, who became a father when he was barely 20 years old. Shortly after giving birth, his beloved left the family without explanation, leaving the child behind. This did not break the new father, and he was able to build a close relationship with his daughter. When the girl turns 17, she also prepares to leave her father. But one day, they recognize their missing mother in a TV story. The tumultuous past resurfaces, and the father and daughter embark on one last chaotic family trip.

The French know how to make truly touching films. This time, we are going to watch a story about parenthood and how difficult it is to let your child go into the world of independence. The reviews are good, and the opportunity to be transported to atmospheric and vibrant France is definitely worth watching.

The film premiered in Ukraine on May 9.

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Several generations have passed since the reign of Caesar. A young chimpanzee, Noah, listens attentively to everything he is told about the past and how certain technologies developed. He begins to notice more and more inconsistencies. To make sure his guesses are correct, he takes a human girl named Nova with him. Humans have long since gone wild, so don’t expect much from her. Together, Noah and Nova embark on a grueling journey that will determine the future development of both apes and humans.

The Planet of the Apes is a legendary science fiction franchise with more than 50 years of history. The Ukrainian audience got acquainted with this monkey epic thanks to Tim Burton’s 2001 film, which turned out to be quite controversial. Subsequently, in 2011, Rise of the Planet of the Apes was released, introducing us to Caesar, played by Andy Serkis, and demonstrating a strong story about the emergence of intelligent apes.

The next film, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, raised the stakes as humanity now fights for survival and moves toward conflict with the apes. Of the human characters, the authors made only the antagonists played by Gary Oldman and Woody Harrelson really interesting. The third part, The War for the Planet of the Apes, concluded the story of Caesar according to the biblical scenario. Like Moses, he led his people through the desert and found a new home for the apes.

The Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes takes place several generations after Caesar’s death. Now monkeys are the rulers of the Earth, and people have completely gone wild and hunt them, considering them inferior beings. You can see whether this conflict has reached a new level in the movie.

The premiere in Ukraine took place on May 9.


A girl named Bea suddenly starts seeing imaginary friends. Of course, some children fantasize about such company. However, Bea did not invent anything. The girl sees many strange characters that someone else has invented. It turns out that her neighbor has the same power. Now the two of them will have to deal with a large cohort of strange creatures. The thing is that the children who invented these characters have long since grown up and forgotten about their best friends. It would be nice for them to meet again.

Once upon a time, Cartoon Network showed an animated series called Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends about a home where children send their imaginary friends when they grow up. Watching the trailer, I had the impression that I was watching a movie adaptation of the show’s backstory. The movie looks very cute. One of the main roles in it is played by Ryan Reynolds, whom we have already seen in the family comedies Pokémon. Detective Pikachu and Free Guy.

The actor is really suited to star in such films, despite the fact that most of his works are related to movies for the 18+ audience. The film was directed, written and starred by John Krasinski, who you may know from The Office or the A Quiet Place series. His wife, Emily Blunt, takes part in the voice acting of one of the imaginary friends. She will be joined by star actors Steve Carell, Matt Damon, Sam Rockwell, George Clooney and many other prominent stars who can be heard when watching the film in the original language.

The film will be released in Ukraine on May 16.

The Garfield Movie

There is probably no one in the world who hates Mondays as much as Garfield. He also hates diets and everything that has to do with food restrictions. Garfield was adopted by John as a kitten and has been enjoying John’s care ever since. Together with his best friend, a naive and happy dog named Odie, Garfield goes on a journey. He finally meets his father Vic, whom he hasn’t seen for years. Vic, a scruffy street cat, has his own idea of fun, so the adventure will seem a bit extreme for the couch potatoes Odie and Garfield.

There is probably no one who does not know Garfield. The character of Jim Davis’ comic strip column has become a very significant character in mass culture. His quotes like “I hate Mondays,” “If people were meant to jump out of bed, we’d all be sleeping in toasters,” or “I’m not a mess. I have organizational difficulties!” made this character relatable to any person who has ever felt lazy in their life.

Despite the fact that the character has a cult cartoon series Garfield and His Friends (1988-1995) and many specials for it, Ukrainian audiences got to know the redhead thanks to a dilogy of films with live actors, where the character was voiced by Bill Murray. You might be surprised to know that these films are generally disliked abroad, and Bill Murray himself regrets this role. In my opinion, the spirit of the original comic book could not be preserved, but these are still pleasant nostalgic projects for many people, which can be enjoyed even now. Especially if we compare them with the feature-length cartoons that came out later in 2007-2009. The Real Garfield, Garfield Festival, and Garfield’s Pet Force are remembered for their poor animation and plot, which is forgotten 10 minutes after watching.

There have been no new Garfield movies for 15 years, and this is the first project about this character with good 3D animation. The trailers look good, but Garfield looks a little too active and cheerful, which is quite atypical for the character. But the cartoon hasn’t been released yet, so let’s hope that the original image will be preserved. One thing is for sure, Garfield at the Movies is a very cute movie, and the characters are quite attractive. If you have children, this would be a great option to go to the movies with them.

The return of the beloved cat to the big screens will take place on May 23.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Furiosa was very young when the world she knew began to crumble and disappear. She was kidnapped from her home, the Green Place of Many Mothers. The Biker horde, led by Dementus, now claims Furiosa as their own. As the bloody wars between Dementus and G.I. Joe continue, the girl tries to survive. From now on, the main goal of her life is to return home.

I’m surprised that no one has made memes like “Barbenheimer” about Garfield’s release and the Mad Max spinoff.

The Mad Max franchise is one of the most iconic and colorful in the history of cinema. Not only did it reveal Mel Gibson’s talent to the world and elevate Australian cinema, but it also influenced all modern post-apocalyptic films, with costumes and general surroundings being parodied millions of times.

The last movie, Fury Road, had an unrealistic level of action, which is why it became a kind of benchmark for 4K TVs. The plot was simple, but this is exactly the case when the picture makes you forget about all the flaws. The second main character of the movie, Empress Furiosa, played by the incredible Charlize Theron, made her debut in that part. The new part will tell her backstory, and Furiosa herself will be played by Anya Taylor Joy. She’s a good actress, but I’m not sure she’ll be able to show a level better than Theron. Some memorable characters from Part 4 will also return, such as G.I. Joe.

The film will be released in Ukraine on May 23.

One Life

A modest and non-public gentleman, Nicholas Winton, is invited to a television talk show. What follows is a story about the events of World War II, when he tried to save hundreds of children from death in a concentration camp. One life can change the fate of hundreds of people, both in the past and in the present.

The film tells the story of how British stockbroker Nicholas Winton saved Jewish children in Czechoslovakia during the Nazi occupation. There are many interesting stories from the Second World War, not only about the heroes who fought in the trenches, but also about the concerned civilians who tried to save at least one life. The cast is full of prominent names: Anthony Hopkins, Helena Bonham Carter, and Jonathan Pryce. Anyone interested in this period in history should definitely watch it.

The premiere in Ukraine is on May 23.


This month’s series segment is as exciting in terms of diversity as its full-length counterparts.


During the dissolution of the monasteries in the Tudor era, Thomas Cromwell sends Matthew Shardlake to investigate the death of a commissioner in the remote town of Scarnsey.

A 4-episode adaptation of the eponymous series of novels by C.J. Sansom (unfortunately, he died on April 27, 4 days before the series premiere) about the lawyer Matthew Shardlake. The series has already been released and received quite good reviews. The cast includes Sean Bean, who I hope this time won’t spoil the plot with his casting (characters played by the actor almost always die in movies) and Andy Serkis’ daughter Ruby. If you like historical detectives, it’s definitely worth watching.

The series premiered on Disney+ on May 1.

A Man in Full

Faced with relentless enemies and sudden bankruptcy, an Atlanta real estate mogul must fight his way back to the top as his empire falls apart.

The satirical series is about a man trying to stay afloat in a difficult situation. The lead role of tycoon Charlie Crocker is played by Jeff Daniels, known to most for the Dumb and Dumber series, and Diane Lane plays his on-screen wife. Lucy Liu can be seen in a supporting role. It looks interesting, and the character of Charlie Crocker already shines with his charisma from the trailers.

The 6-episode miniseries premiered on Netflix on May 2.

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Lala Sokolov, a Jewish prisoner of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp during World War II, is tasked with tattooing identification numbers on the arms of other prisoners.

A 6-episode historical drama series dealing with the Holocaust. Based on the book of the same name by Heather Morris, the project will show viewers the hard life of Auschwitz prisoners. The main role is played by the legendary Harvey Keitel, and the music for the series was composed by Hans Zimmer himself, which already guarantees a certain quality of the project. We hope that the story on the screen will once again prove to viewers why these horrific events should not be forgotten.

All episodes premiered on May 2 at Peacock.

tar Wars: Tales of the Empire

A vengeful young woman and a former Jedi lead the ruthless Galactic Empire in different eras, their various decisions determining the fates of a rapidly changing galaxy.

An anthology animated series that will tell us short stories that expand the Star Wars universe. The project was created by Dave Filoni, the author of The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series. Fans love these works for their good plot and character development, and many people generally believe that this is the best Star Wars content that has been created. Characters from The Clone Wars or Rebels, such as Ahsoka Tano and the crew of the Ghost ship, have even become a full-fledged part of the franchise, on par with Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker.

If you’re a Star Wars fan and want to learn more about this universe, be sure to watch! In total, there will be 6 episodes of 13-17 minutes each, and the animated series premiered on May 4 on Disney+ on International Star Wars Day.

Dark Matter

Chicago-based physicist Jason Dessen finds himself in an alternate version of his life. To get back to his family, he must go through a series of parallel realities and face an alternative version of himself.

Do you remember the movie Everything Always and at the Same Time? The series explores a similar theme of parallel universes, only with a more serious mood. The main roles were played by great actors Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly.

You can move to the parallel dimension today, the series started on Apple TV+ on May 8.


The authors of the podcast are investigating a long-standing mysterious disappearance in a charming Irish town full of terrifying secrets.

A black comedy-detective about Ireland. At first I thought that this project was created by one of the McDonagh brothers, but it turned out not to be. I love movies about the British Isles’ countryside like Cool Kids and The Irishman for their atmospheric atmosphere. I hope Bodkin will be no worse and will delight us not only with gorgeous shots of Irish nature, but also with a good story and black humor.

The series premiered on Netflix on May 9.

Doctor Who Season 1 (14)

Of course, this is not a new series, but the structure of Doctor Who allows it to be considered as such, because every few seasons the main character changes, and with him the general tone of the local sci-fi stories.

The 15th Doctor first made his debut in the 60th anniversary specials, and later in the Christmas episode, in which he met his current companion, Ruby Sunday. The new season will consist of only 8 episodes, but they were written by Russell T. Davies, who revived the series in 2005 and made it popular in modern times. “He left Doctor Who after 2010, but returned in 2022 because he had stories to tell.

One episode was also written by Steven Moffat, the author of most of the best episodes of Doctor Who. As always, we will be transported to the past, the future, and there will even be a series with members of The Beatles dedicated to music. The new Doctor, judging by the specials, has turned out to be quite charismatic, and it will be very interesting to see how his character will be developed during the season.

Unfortunately, Russell T. Davies confirmed that we can’t expect classic monsters like the Daleks or Cybermen. On the one hand, it’s a disadvantage, because these are iconic Doctor Who villains. On the other hand, if the author has come up with a good replacement for them, why not? The series will be watched by a lot of new audiences because of the collaboration with Disney, and the appearance of enemies with a 60-year history of confrontation can be confusing. The numbering of seasons was also changed for the same reason, the authors announced the new season as the first, but fans consider it the 14th, because the series hasn’t actually been interrupted since 2005, and in terms of plot, too. In general, let’s wait and hope for good fantasy stories!

It premieres on May 11 on Disney+.


The action takes place in New York City in the 1980s. Vincent (Benedict Cumberbatch) is a puppeteer in New York City and the creator of a popular children’s TV show. One day, his nine-year-old son Edgar goes missing on his way to school. Grief-stricken, Vincent finds his son’s drawings of a blue monster doll named Eric, and finds solace in his friendship with this imaginary monster, who supposedly lives under Edgar’s bed. Vincent’s destructive behavior further alienates him from his family, his coworkers, and the detectives searching for Edgar.

A series with Benedict Cumberbatch going crazy and imagining a big blue monster? It sounds strange, but very interesting. You can consider this series an adult variation of the movie Imaginary Friends, which I mentioned above. Only here, the monster Eric may be involved in the disappearance of the protagonist’s son, so he is definitely not to be trusted.

We will see how interesting the project turned out to be on May 30 on Netflix.