The beginning of 2024 turned out to be quite lively and has already presented gamers with many exciting game releases. April seems much more modest in comparison. In fact, this month we will have only one game that everyone is talking about: the Stellar Blade, which caused a lot of controversy, excitement, and talk. But there is something else to pay attention to as well. Among the upcoming releases, we have found several interesting action and RPG games, a unique puzzle game, a promisingly interesting strategy game, and a stealth game with unconventional mechanics. Games are sorted by release date.

Children of the Sun

Release date April 9, 2024
Genre puzzle, shooter, arcade, strategy
Platforms Windows

You are a lone sniper who hunts down and kills cultists. But it’s not as simple as it sounds: in each specific location, you have to kill the entire group with just one bullet. It’s not just any bullet. It’s magical in a way, and after hitting the enemy, it allows you to change the target, add speed, and even fly around obstacles. It may sound strange and a little scary, but this game is not about a mass murderer. It’s a puzzle game where you have to calculate everything to the last detail, identify enemies, and determine the trajectory of the bullet from target to target.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy

Release date April 10, 2024
Genre stealth/action
Platforms Windows, Xbox Series X|S

An adventure stealth/action game developed by Baby Robot Games. The authors promise interesting stealth mechanics, namely, the ability to “Merging with Shadow”, which allows you to combine your own stealth skills with the capabilities of shadows. The game can be played in a more aggressive manner, or you can avoid direct collisions and killing. The graphics of Ereban: Shadow Legacy promises to be beautiful, and the gameplay is dynamic. As for the plot: players control Ayana, the last representative of an extinct race. The heroine seeks revenge on the Helios megacorporation and reveals the secrets of her people. The gameplay is compared to such games as Splatoon, Aragami, Metal Gear, and Assassin’s Creed.


Release date April 16, 2024
Genre metroidvania, platformer, puzzle, adventurous
Platforms Windows

The name Europa can be misleading. It seems as if we are talking about a real-time strategy game where events take place on the European continent. In fact, we are looking at a relaxing adventure with platformer elements, and it is about the fantasy world of the eponymous moon of Jupiter. The protagonist, android Z, explores Europe in search of answers to his questions and improves his jet backpack to make it easier to fly and discover new lands.

No Rest for the Wicked

Release date April 18, 2024
Genre RPG/action, strategy
Platforms Windows early access, later – PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S

The open-world isometric action/RPG with a dark atmosphere is now available on Steam Early Access. Soon, No rest for the wicked will also be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. Although this game with a biblical reference in the title looks like a typical diabloid, its authors, known for their innovative platformers in the Ori series, claim that their new creation is more logical to compare with souls games, but with a top-down view. You shouldn’t expect swarms of enemies here. In the game, the enemies will be few in number, but complex, and you will have to think carefully about the strategy of defeating them. The game also has elements of home improvement, fishing, and farming.

Whisker Waters

Release date April 19, 2024
Genre adventurer, simulator, platformer
Platforms Windows, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch

In these turbulent times, sometimes you want to relax and be a cat for a while. That’s why the multiplatform release of Whisker Waters seems to be very appropriate now. The player takes on the role of a very cute cat whose appearance can be customized in a special editor. Your main job here is fishing. It’s simple, but fish are different, so the process of catching them is a little different. Choose baits and change techniques, as well as interact with other animals that you can meet in this cozy world. Cozy for everyone but the fish.

Tales of Kenzera: ZAU

Release date April 23, 2024
Genre metroidvania, platformer, puzzle, adventurous
Platforms Windows, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch

The new Metroidvania, which was inspired by African myths and legends, also promises to paint April with bright colors. Players will immerse themselves in the world of Kensera, full of ancient ruins, mysterious forests, tribes, and shamans. The story centers on a young shaman named Zeu, who has lost his father and wants to bring his spirit back from the dark world. Zeu has two types of magic: fire and ice, and the player will have to skillfully switch between them to defeat enemies and advance.

Fallout London

Release date April 23, 2024
Genre role-playing game
Platforms Windows

Fallout 4 fans will get a real gift in April, literally and figuratively, but only on PC. The global mod Fallout: London, which Team FOLON enthusiasts have been developing for over three years.

The game is set in London in 2237 between the events of the first and second Fallout, 50 years before the beginning of the fourth part.

In terms of its scale, this mod can be equated to a full-fledged DLC. Fallout: London offers players 53 quests in the main branch, 35 side missions, 25 quests from factions, 64 different quests, and 16 gang quests. By the way, new factions will appear in the fashion.

You can download the modification for free. To run, you will need a copy of Fallout 4 with all DLC.

Manor Lords

Release date April 16, 2024
Genre city building games
Platforms Windows

This project is the realization of one developer’s dream of the perfect medieval strategy. Manor Lords combines urban planning, diplomacy, and medieval battles like Total War. We are waiting for a flexible system of troop customization, deep diplomacy, a variety of resources, and a historically accurate reproduction of the development of settlements from small villages to crowded cities. According to the trailers, the game also boasts very nice graphics. And here’s another great news: the Ukrainian localization of the game will be available from the very release.

Sand Land

Release date April 26, 2024
Genre action/RPG
Platforms Windows, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series X|S

The Sand Land project is based on the universe of the manga of the same name. It is an RPG, but not a turn-based one, as you might think, but an action/RPG. Visually, Sand Land is very similar to the Dragon Quest series of games.

Sand Land is set in the near future. Due to a bloody war, the Earth has turned into a solid desert. The player will have to get used to the role of a cute, albeit somewhat demonic hero – Beelzebub, the son of the Devil himself. This guy and his team want to find a legendary spring hidden somewhere in the sands. It’s not an easy task, because Beelzebub and his friends will face numerous robbers, wild animals, and even the king’s army. The game has many vehicles that can be upgraded and used.

Stellar Blade

Release date April 26, 2024
Genre action/RPG, slasher
Platforms PlayStation 5

It seems to be another Asian slasher/action/RPG. The plot is more or less typical for a sci-fi setting: humanity has lost a war and become an outcast. Eva and other paratroopers go to their home planet to recapture it from aggressive invaders.

However, the game has gained fame not because of the plot. The developers have managed to place the accents accurately and offer players who have already missed bright female characters an attractive and sexy protagonist. Those who tried the demo version were more than satisfied.

In addition to Eve’s forms, players also positively evaluated the gameplay and battle dynamics. The game has already been dubbed the “Korean Nier” and compared to Bayonetta and DMC. However, in April 2024, only owners of Sony PlayStation 5 will be able to enjoy the novelty.

Other interesting games coming in April 2024

Loathful – April 1, 2024
Anonymous Hacker Simulator – April 3, 2024
Broken Roads – April 10, 2024
Die again – April 11, 2024
Lunar Lander – April 23, 2024
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade: Wrath of the Mutants – April 23, 2024
Braid Anniversary Edition – April 30, 2024